Long exposure light painting talks about modern urban life

Using long-exposure photography, Keow Wee Loong paints with light transforming figures and subway tunnels into surreal experiences. The artist only used his smartphone to create these stunning images, in which he had about seven minutes of exposure time to paint each composition.

“‘Rooted’ is about modern society living in urban city, where we are constantly surrounded by artificial light,” Loong tells The Creators Project. “The flames show anger around a woman tangled in artificial lights. Time vortex is about the feeling of being one with the speed of light. It shows the hectic lifestyle of people living in a big city, where we are constantly moving so fast that we forget the important things in our lives.”

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Below you will see his ‘Time vortex’ series and his ‘Rooted’ series and you can check out his website for more.





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Source: designfaves.com

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