Longtime Bicycle Commuter Invents Shin-Friendly Bike Pedals with Foam Surrounds

Most bike pedals are textured to grip the underside of shoes. That makes it unpleasant when a pedal accidentally slams into your shins. Physicist and inventor Bill Lee, who has been commuting by bike for over 30 years, grew tired of having banged-up shins; in his thinking, there’s no reason for pedals to be “built for a downhill racing mountain biker in the mud when you’re just trying to get to work and back.” Lee thus invented these Bumper Pedals:

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Rather than protrusions or serrations, Bumper Pedals rely on industrial grip tape for purchase. The pedals are rimmed with a durable foam, making them friendly to both shins and door trim.

Lee formed a company, Intrinsic Cycles, to commercialize his invention. Bumper Pedals are currently up on IndieGogo, where they’ve been successfully crowdfunded, with 27 days left to pledge at press time. $35 gets you a pair, and you can specify 9/16″ or 1/2″. They’re shipping next month.

Source: core77

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