Look Inside an Ikea Catalog from 1973!

Goldmine for furniture designers: Ikea has scanned and uploaded every page of every Ikea catalog from 1950 to date.

I randomly clicked on just one year’s–1973–and found some interesting stuff. First off, this piece of transforming furniture upholstered in denim, whose design is straight out of second-year industrial design school:

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And in addition to selling the now-anachronistic ’70s-style furniture set-ups you’d expect…

…I’ve learned that they used to sell some surprising items. Like record players and at least one funky speaker:

Vacuum cleaners:

Small, traditional workbenches:

And a discontented Swedish boy going for just 49 Swedish crowns:

“You’re getting the silent treatment until I GET MY SHARK BACK”

I found at least one piece that wouldn’t look out of place in a modern hipster apartment, this object-hanging unit:

I was also reminded of a disgusting interior design practice from the 1970s. People used to think it was cool to have carpeted floors…in the bathrooms.

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Also, the catalog once served to educate consumers about the different materials that went into the furniture, like polyester foams, fiberfill and laminates.

We’re also treated to a look inside an Ikea store of the era…

…as well as a happy couple enjoying their products:

“I don’t see why it bothers you so much. If I place the bolster between us, I can rest my arm on it and more easily see my wristwatch. This is not about me being distant.”

Click through the year of your choice here.

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