Looking for ET, Ready To Get Serious

It seems that astronomers think that we should become more focused on searching for extraterrestrial intelligence. Whether there are aliens out there in the universe who have super advanced technology, we will probably have no idea unless scientists could find conclusive evidence.

Long an underfunded, fringe field of science, the search for extraterrestrial intelligence may be ready to go mainstream.

Astronomer Jason Wright is determined to see that happen. At a meeting in Seattle of the American Astronomical Society in January, Wright convened “a little ragtag group in a tiny room” to plot a course for putting the scientific field, known as SETI, on NASA’s agenda.

The group is writing a series of papers arguing that scientists should be searching the universe for “technosignatures” — any sign of alien technology, from radio signals to waste heat.

(Image credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Source: neatorama

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