Looks Nice, But…

Helen Rosner found a real life bathroom that gets stranger the more you look at it. You can enlarge the picture here. It looks  like someone had all kinds of individual ideas that turned out not to work with the way people use bathrooms in the real world, especially in a limited space. Let’s try to list the problems.

1. Never go in this room without the lights on. You’ll fall in the tub and break your neck.

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2. Don’t step an inch backward while using the sink. You’ll fall in the tub and break your neck.

3. Never get the floor wet. You’ll slip and fall in the tub and break your neck.

4. Even if you get into the tub on purpose, how will you get out?

5. Where would you put a towel while using the tub?

6. There are two closets behind the tub. One looks like the door will not open more than a few inches because of the tub.

7. The other closet has shorter doors to clear the tub, but you have to stand in the tub to use it.

8. If the toilet overflows, your tub will be the receptacle.

Other folks see a problem with the heat vent in the floor, the lack of baseboards, no toilet paper holder, distance to the shower, that metal thing attached to the tub, and the large bay window.

-via Metafilter

Source: neatorama

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