Loopi: Increasing the Longevity of Strollers by Offering Subscriptions

Well-to-do parents generally want the best for their children that money can buy. This can be problematic, from a waste perspective, when that object will shortly be made obsolete as the child outgrows it.

“On average, children need a stroller for the age of two to four years,” writes Swiss company Loopi. “As your baby grows into a toddler, their needs change, which is why a single stroller is usually not enough. For this reason, 25% of all Swiss families buy more than three strollers. This not only hurts the wallet, but also our environment.”

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What Loopi offers is strollers-as-a-service. Parents subscribe to the service to receive, delivered to their door, a stroller that’s “carefully tested, lovingly maintained and sparkling clean.” Service and repairs are included, and there is no extra charge if you return the stroller in rough shape; in fact they anticipate it. “The strollers should be used. There will be scratches, dents and dents. No problem! We’ll fix it and your stroller will look like new,” the company writes.

The company offers high-end strollers from Bugaboo, and figures parents will save overall by subscribing rather than outright buying. Loopi counts on their maintenance to keep the strollers in good shape so that they can be kept in circulation longer, enabling them to see a profit.

There are now tons of companies trying to get you to subscribe to all sorts of nonsense (monthly surprise gift boxes, “Leggings of the Month,” random candy, etc.) but Loopi’s application actually seems sensical.

Source: core77

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