Lostine Launches Four New Forms in The Modernism Collection

Lostine Launches Four New Forms in The Modernism Collection

A storied creative journey conspires with the distillation of abstract shapes and material experimentation in Lostine’s expanded Modernism Lighting Collection. The Philadelphia-based marketplace and design studio adds four fresh fixtures to the range: Onslow Floor Lamp, Onslow Table Lamp, Cora Table Lamp, and Malcolm Table Lamp. What was originally intended to be fashioned from clay is now fully realized in a variety of woods, which anchor the furnishings in a natural richness and warmth emanating from the variegated patterns.

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“This new collection of table lamps was inspired by a direction of strong, simple forms that would allow the material to speak for itself. Exploring that concept in our material vocabulary of wood was really interesting,” explain Natalie Page and Robert Ogden, the husband-and-wife creative duo behind the brand. “We also found that in evolving this idea we talked a lot about the primitive but sculptural style that we revere in African antique furniture as well as the abstract, curvaceous shapes of the Bauhaus Period that inspired us.”

The offerings effortlessly navigate a smattering of aesthetics often bridging the gap between traditional, modern, and organic design languages – proving to be a useful lighting solution for eclectic spaces. Each new edition is offered with a variety of curated customizations, which include a homespun linen shade in black or ivory, wood bases in aspen or walnut, and beige or hazelnut rayon cords. The designers also hint at the possibility of introducing products in the ceiling and wall light categories, but there is plenty to love until then.

Onslow Floor Lamp

Svelte yet understated. Impressive in stature but not overpowering. The Onslow Floor Lamp manages to scale the elegance of a tabletop sculptural form up while maintaining an approachability and organic materiality without pandering to campier aesthetics.

Onslow Table Lamp

The smaller sibling to the floor lamp, the Onslow Table Lamp is equally alluring while being self-assured in its compact form. Like the other objects, it marries an organic material palette with a streamlined, modern silhouette more practical for smaller spaces.

Cora Table Lamp

The Cora Table Lamp is reminiscent of a bottle shape boasting a gracefully slender neck and bulbous base. The contrast in thickness articulates a unique form that can read as ultra-modern while still being classically romantic and oddly beguiling.

Malcolm Table Lamp

With a sturdy build and slightly more traditional silhouette, the Malcolm Table Lamp helps round out the expanded collection. Its presence exudes a timeless style while flirting with the contemporary making this a great option for those who want something more reserved.

Learn more about the design studio and their marketplace at Lostine.com.

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