Lots of Small, Thoughtful Design Touches in These Latchlock Food Containers

These Latchlok food storage containers have a lot more design thought put into them than your average Tupperware or Glasslock.

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There are recessed finger pulls on either end of the lid, giving you some leverage to pop the seal and make the lids easier to open.

The latches are locked when in the center position. Sliding them to the outer positions reveals a vent, meaning you can nuke these while containing the splatter.

Because these stack and you can nuke them with the lid vents open, you can stack and microwave multiple units at once.

All four corners serve as pouring spouts, with two being small-mouthed and two being large-mouthed. (Naturally the seal on the lid seats below the spout entrances.)

I’m not comfortable nuking things in plastic, which is what these are made of (Tritan). But for those who are, I think the design of these solves a lot of the minor UX hassles of your average food storage container.

Source: core77

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