Loudness is All in Your Head

The subject of Tom Scott’s latest video is why TV and video advertising is so loud. But that question isn’t even addressed until about five minutes in, because first we have to define our terms. If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, whether it makes a sound or not depends on how you define sound. Once you get past that, defining loudness is also pretty subjective. Does it depend on the physical nature of sound waves, like amplitude or frequency? Or is it a matter of what hurts your ears? Sound perception is very subjective. And people can argue about the average sound compression of a 30-second ad as compared to averaging the sound level of a two-hour movie (which has its own issues), but it comes down to advertisers just want to be as loud as possible to make sure you hear them.

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When I typed the title Loudness is All in Your Head, I could hear (metaphorically) someone reply, “No, it’s in your ears.” Whether it happens in your ears or your brain, both places are literally in your head, okay? The last minute of this video is an ad, and it’s about as loud as the rest of the video.    

Source: neatorama

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