Louis Cardozo and His Flying Piano

Talk about soaring music! For his song “Fly,” musician Louis Cardozo imagined a video that went with the theme of the lyrics. What better way to illustrate it than by flying? With the piano he’s playing? There are no computer-generated effects in this video. He really went paragliding while playing a grand piano. How did he do it? The project was years in the making, and since nobody would believe it was real, Cardozo and his crew documented it. Here’s the making-of video.

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No harness? Well, I guess falling from the sky may be a bit better than having a grand piano fall on you. It’s good to have family with a bit of experience in ridiculous stunts like this. Don’t miss the hilarious footage of a test flight that went wrong at about 3:30. Cardozo himself is no stranger to paragliding. See him do it while playing guitar at Laughing Squid.

Source: neatorama

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