Love Hultén's Retro-Modern Update to Nintendo's NES Gaming Console

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Released in 1983 as the Famicom in Japan and in 1985 as the NES in America, the Nintendo Entertainment System was the best-selling game console of the era. The beloved console’s physical design was clearly a product of the ’80s:

Gothenburg-based designer Love Hultén, whose excellent work we previously looked at here, has created “a conceptual tribute and a delicate homage” to the NES with his Pyua:

On the inside you’ll find the heart of the console, the Nt mini pcb – manufactured by praised Seattle based company Analogue. The Nt mini handles both NES and Famicom cartridges, and it does so without any degradation or input lag. Performance is flawless, not just in terms of frame rate and speed, but in color replication and audio as well. And yes, it upscales to 1080p for your HDMI monitor. Nt mini uses FPGA to replicate and truly enhance the 8-bit experience.

Pyua is accompanied by two NES controllers. These are both original AND wireless, a solution created by 8bitdo. The controllers, along with your top 20 favorite game cartridges, are stored in the additional wood casing.

The Pyua exterior, handcrafted from ash wood, goes back to the origin with a Famicom styled finish composed by off-white and red. Insert your precious cartridge and enfold using the glass dome. Turn the power on, and the sacred spotlight is assured.

What’s not shown in the photos is rather nifty–check out how the cartridges and controller release from the storage case:

Source: core77

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