LuDBeats: Stick-On Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones

LuDBeats are wireless headphones that don’t plug into, nor cover, your ears. Instead they use bone conduction to transmit the sound directly into your head, leaving your ears free to monitor what’s going on around you.

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The catch is you’ve gotta stick an adhesive patch in front of our behind your ear. The patch contains a magnet that the earpieces stick to. The patches can reportedly be worn in the shower and last for four days, and each pair of LuDBeats comes with 365 pairs.

My suggestions: Ditch the patches, just use super-powerful magnets in the earpieces that are attracted to each other. They clamp down on either side of your skull while the magnetic field travels directly through the center of your brain. What could go wrong?

In all seriousness the LuDBeats have done well on Kickstarter, landing $74,437 at press time on a $5,000 goal. The $105 earpieces are supposed to ship in June of 2021, and there’s still 12 days left to pledge.

Source: core77

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