Lufthansa's Explorer Concept: Delivering the Superyacht Experience, in the Sky

Oftentimes, the worst thing about partying on a superyacht doesn’t have to do with the yacht itself; instead, it’s just getting to the yacht. Even if you fly first-class or private, the airplanes just suck, compared to the yacht. You can barely see anything out of the tiny windows, the space feels cramped, and worst of all there’s no opportunity to disco dance.

To solve this problem, Lufthansa has introduced Explorer, their “new pioneering cabin design for long-haul aircraft,” which is meant to deliver the superyacht experience–but in the sky. Digging deep, the designers cleverly realized that they could pack a lot more luxury into an Airbus A330, which has a 255-passenger capacity, if they designed the interior to carry just 8-12 passengers instead.

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“In addition to classic room elements such as bedrooms, bathrooms, offices and conference areas…you have your own dedicated areas i.e. for mission briefings, dining, fitness or even a dance floor and SPA [sic] area. Furthermore, you can take all your special equipment with you. No matter if it is a car, offroad vehicle, wingsuite [sic], wine cellar, exploration laboratory or even an emergency medical room – or anything else you might dream off [sic].”

The ceiling projection system can provide a fake view of the sky, weird geometric patterns that signify luxury, out-of-scale distorted disco balls, whatever your heart desires.

Fun fact: Fresh apples included with each purchase

DJ: “Hey do you guys want to hear the Martin Shkreli Wu-Tang album?”

“I’ve seen that same fucking whale four times in 30 seconds. Fire the animator”

Seconds later, violent turbulence spoiled the moment

A pop-out veranda allows you to have private outdoor conversations with your spouse, while the guests obediently remain in their quarters.

“I don’t care if he’s your brother—we already have 12 people. Tell him there’s no room”

For more details or to purchase your own, stop by a Lufthansa dealership today. Mention promo code CORE77 and get 15% off!

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

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