Lumenology's Wireless, Magnetic Motion-Sensing Lights

On a farm at night, you live and die by the headlamp. I’m happy enough with my BioLite HeadLamp 330 that I’ve purchased a total of four units, so my wife and I each have our own and a backup; but I’m still looking into installing motion-sensing outdoor lighting at various points around the property. I’m looking into solar-charged units, as running wire to certain locations would be problematic.

In the course of my research I came across these:

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They’re not right for what I need, but they might be right for you. These wireless Lumenology motion-sensing lights are about the size of a baseball, and have magnetic bases so they can be placed anywhere you’ve got ferrous metal, or on the magnetic base they include. You can also opt for an octopus-style tripod mount.

This review made the object look fairly compelling…

…but I’m not crazy about having to deal with batteries (they run on three AA), and 148 lumens isn’t enough for what I’d need to see outdoors.

They also seem a tad pricey for what they are, unless you buy a lot of them: They’re priced at one for $40, three for $100, five for $150 or eight for $200. From what I’m seeing online, you can pick up a competing company’s dual-light solar-charged unit that puts out more than 1,000 lumens for about $50.

Even still, these might have an application for one of our older dogs who is going blind and has trouble finding her way around the house at night.

If you’re interested in this category of product, let me know and I’ll write a review of whatever object or system I end up purchasing.

Source: core77

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