Maid Of Honor With A Scar On Her Face Asks If She’s Right To Skip The Wedding After Bride Bans Makeup Just For Her

When you take on the responsibility of being in a wedding party, you can expect to agree to things you might not be thrilled about. Bridesmaids are often stuck wearing awful dresses, and funding bachelor and bachelorette parties can be a serious expense. But we go along with whatever the bride and groom ask for because we want their special day to be perfect, and their demands are usually harmless. Usually.

One maid of honor reached out to the “Am I the [Jerk]?” subreddit to get some outside opinions on whether or not her best friend was being reasonable with her wedding requests. Below, you can read the story yourself, as well as some of the responses it received, and decide whether this bride had the right to make this demand or if she became a full-on bridezilla. Then if you’re looking for even more maid of honor content, we’ve got the perfect Bored Panda article for you to read next right here.

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After being banned from wearing makeup at her best friend’s wedding, this maid of honor wondered if she should skip the affair altogether

Image credits: Oliver Li (not the actual photo)

Image credits: Chalo Garcia (not the actual photo)

The maid of honor explained that she is a professional makeup artist and typically wears makeup to cover a scar on her face

The bride, however, was more concerned about being the most beautiful person in the room

We’ve all heard of Bridezilla’s before. A particularly entitled bride whose demands go far beyond what’s reasonable. While the trope is probably uncommon in real life, it’s certainly been depicted in many shows and movies. Romantic comedies like Bride Wars and 27 Dresses feature fictionalized versions of bridezillas, demanding to control every tiny detail of their lavish ceremonies and becoming angry caricatures when anything goes wrong. There has even been a reality show titled Bridezillas running on WE since 2004, following real brides and exposing their immature and bratty behavior. Watching these sorts of shows and films makes the “bridezilla” archetype feel like a parody, but unfortunately, in cases like this particular maid of honor’s story, brides sometimes take it way too far.

The internet is full of articles with tips on how to deal with a bride who’s let the pressure go to her head. Women’s Health even has a list of “Signs You’ve Become a Bridezilla”. The first sign is when a bride snaps at others over tiny things that wouldn’t normally bother them. This can happen to anyone who is overwhelmed with stress, but a more appropriate reaction than going on a rampage is to take a deep breath and calmly collect yourself before interacting with others. Other signs you may need to dial it back are realizing that tiny details about the wedding are keeping you up at night (I promise the guests will not be as concerned about the color of their napkins as you are), becoming too dependent on your therapist or a glass of wine throughout the day, and finding yourself sending emails and making phone calls all through the night. Everyone needs rest and relaxation, even if they’re planning the most exciting day of their life. 

Planning a wedding can be incredibly stressful, but it’s not an excuse to abandon all judgment and expect others to bend at your will. Brides are allowed to make a few crazy demands, but going out of their way to make their so-called best friend look bad is not acceptable. In this situation, it seems like the bride was a questionable friend long before she started planning a wedding. Let us know in the comments how you feel about this story and if the maid of honor is reasonable for wanting to skip the whole event. Have you ever dealt with a bridezilla? We’d love to hear those stories down below too! 

The responses are in unanimous support of the maid of honor, with many saying the bride is not a real friend

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