‘Majestic Manes’: Men Shared 58 Photos Of Their Distinctive Long Hairstyles

Who among us, girls, hasn’t dreamt of hair like Rapunzel’s? Okay, maybe not all girls, but it’s safe to say a significant number of our female community members can confirm that shiny, long hair is a beauty standard many of us aspire to. Well, ladies, it seems we’re not the only ones who share this enthusiasm for long locks. Surprisingly, some men have been gifted with the most beautiful hair, which they’ve grown and kept in spectacular condition, making us envious.

The Reddit group ‘Majestic Manes‘ is all about men and their perfect long hair. Members of this community share pictures showcasing their unique looks, and even those described as a ‘bad hair day’ seem to be the epitome of what we strive for with our hairstyles. Scroll down to see the best images of the best ‘manes’ shared by the men from this community.

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#1 Chopped Off 6 Inches. Feels So Much Better

Image credits: Due-Relationship-595

#2 Summer Past

Image credits: metrohippie

#3 Big Hair Don’t Care

Image credits: GinoFoxtails

#4 This Is All-Day Hair ??‍♀️

Image credits: quietryet

#5 This Is A Mane Right? ?

Image credits: Ok-Magician9382

#6 Fishtail Braid – Loch Faskally

Image credits: reddit.com

#7 Ye Olde Depression Has Got Me Down Baddd Today :/ Who Can Relate?

Image credits: simply_stoned_

#8 Another Still Through The Woods

Image credits: Old_Course_4225

#9 Am I Welcome Here??

Image credits: therealjanusmcmanus

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#10 5 Years Strong! ?

Image credits: TheSelinaMeyer

#11 Behold! Longest My Hair Has Ever Been

Image credits: TheCeruleanFire

#12 I Got The Curls Today

Image credits: UglyAssHairbrush

#13 I’ll Never Go Back To Short Hair

Image credits: zpm38

#14 2 Years Of Growth. 2 Weeks Of Quarantine. 2 Eyes Always Watching Me

Image credits: ProstituteRobot

#15 This Was A Good Hair Day. ✌️

Image credits: kenzodelv

#16 Back With Another Side Braid Variation! Braid On Each Side Combined Into A Ponytail With The Rest Of My Mane

Image credits: reddit.com

#17 Native Keeping It Traditional

Image credits: murr521

#18 Sunny Sunday

Image credits: ElvisElvish

#19 So, How Do My Fellow Longhaired Fellas Feel About My Mess?

Image credits: SynysterGh0st666

#20 Been Growing Out My Hair For A Bit Over 3 Years!

Image credits: Carrotcakearot

#21 Behold The Mane

Image credits: _bigbleu_

#22 Decided To Let It Grow Even More. (:

Image credits: yiyohr

#23 To Cut Or Not To Cut?

Image credits: castjesu

#24 What 4 Hours Surfing Does To My Hair

Image credits: dorfmcpumpkin

#25 Alright My Dudes, Are Accessories Too Much For Us?

Image credits: The_Mad_Jackpot

#26 Majestic Enough For Here?

Image credits: MarsNirgal

#27 First Time Posting Here. Any Thoughts?

Image credits: CoCrimson_eXe

#28 Completely Shaved Head To These Locks In 4-5 Years

Image credits: Will_East_Roker

#29 Feeling Like A Lion

Image credits: reddit.com

#30 1 Year Was In 25th February (Started From Undercutt)

Image credits: Nodara1997

#31 The Beach Makes My Mane So Curly

Image credits: bulgedking

#32 It’s About Time I Made A Post… 3 Years Of Growth!

Image credits: pilznerydoughboy

#33 Just Discovered This Sub, Figured I Submit My Application To The Club

Image credits: CzarXavier

#34 Got Called Ma’am At Costco, Not Even Mad About It. Nearly Two Years Since My Last Buzz Cut

Image credits: Sadi_SaDiablo

#35 Do I Qualify

Image credits: mhrfloo

#36 Let Flow!!

Image credits: Aqua_lad27

#37 Long Hair. Don’t Care. My Art Director And I Looking Cool

Image credits: drunkraconteur

#38 Feeling It Today

Image credits: imgur.com

#39 Almost 2.5 Years Of Growth 🙂

Image credits: FHornRyan

#40 61 Years Old. Still Got My Thick Hair

Image credits: Maleficent_Long_761

#41 I Get Mistaken For A Chic A Lot

Image credits: beautiful-dude

#42 I Always Wonder If Curly Hair Can Be Considered Majestic…

Image credits: fontanillakim

#43 Cut It Short Recently, But There’s Still A Handful Or Two Left To Grab Onto 😉

Image credits: noroozian

#44 About Two Years Of Growth

Image credits: bunnyboy_666

#45 Happy Friday

Image credits: ElvisElvish

#46 Too Long?

Image credits: Crimsonwave4

#47 Felt Majestic

Image credits: Acceptable-Towel8986

#48 First Post Ever:.)

Image credits: Strange-Albatross717

#49 Yall Can Call Me Xelso

Image credits: Xelso_chicano

#50 It’s Pretty Windy Here In Canada

Image credits: noroozian

#51 Hi Guys. Somebody Suggested Me This Group And I Was Ecstatic To Share My Hair Journey Here. Happy Hair Growth Journey, Manes!

Image credits: cobiusblack

#52 My Mom Made Me This Hat 🙂

Image credits: simply_stoned_

#53 Almost 2 Years In And It’s Just Now Starting To Feel Majestic

Image credits: asegers

#54 Sea Witch

Image credits: Dizzy_Penguin13

#55 Growing It Out For 4 Years Now

Image credits: Jaxxs90

#56 Been Growing My Hair Since 2019. Saw This Page And Decided To Add A Photo

Image credits: reddit.com

#57 I’m Normally On R/Curlyhair. I Hope Mine Fits Here

Image credits: Desaturating_Mario

#58 Need To Take A Few Inches Off Soon

Image credits: Toysandqueer

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