“Make Me Suffer”: 117 Of The Most Painful Images Posted By This Online Community (New Pics)

From time to time, we all think of how unfair the world is and how much we’d like to remove all the suffering there is. The truth is, we cannot do that and we have to find ways to live in these difficult times, with all the ups and downs.

Or we can do the opposite and embrace the sadness and despair. We can look into the eyes of whatever it is that causes us pain and stand strong. In fact, there’s this whole corner of Reddit titled “Make Me Suffer” that does exactly that. The group which is home to a whopping 1.1M members is dedicated to sharing pictures that capture anything from wholesome suffering to sad moments of reality.

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Scroll down through this new batch of “Make Me Suffer” examples below and be sure to check out Bored Panda’s previous feature with more pictures from the community.

#1 Jar Of Chocolate Reserved For An Animal Hospital’s Euthanasia Appointments. They Said It’s Because Dogs Don’t Deserve To Die Without Tasting Chocolate

Image credits: areyouthedevil

#2 Imagine All The Poop Particles On The Food They Serve

Image credits: soofan1

#3 Apparently, I’m Allergic To Everything

Image credits: thezoltan88

#4 Bottles Of Pee Thrown Into The Woods By Truck Drivers

Image credits: dial_m_for_me

#5 What Getting Shot In The Elbow With A 12 Gauge Shotgun Looks Like On X-Ray

Image credits: coolsnackchris

#6 Mosquito Feeder

Image credits: rastroboy

#7 I Can Feel The Anger From Cleaning That Chocolate On The Keyboard

Image credits: Slixx_yha

#8 Perks Of Living In Desert Areas

Image credits: tastlesswater

#9 This Will Haunt My Dreams

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Image credits: SecondWorld1198

#10 A Friend Of Mine Had Scoliosis And This Is Pictures From Their Surgery

Image credits: Trust-p1ckle

#11 Dad Almost Drank Him But They Def Touched Lips

Image credits: kimbuttbot

#12 This Guy Trying To Fix This Mess

Image credits: Crazylamp1

#13 He Cut Off His Lips, Ears And 2 Fingers. Now, ‘Black Alien’ Plans To Amputate 2 More Fingers, Leg

Image credits: Ordinary_Author_7142

#14 It’s Transformation Into A Real Mouse Is Nearly Complete

Image credits: ItzMersh

#15 Barefoot Is Still Illegal In Most Stores So Here’s A Life Hack

Image credits: Addtheflame

#16 One Of The Kindergartners Drew Their Mommy

Image credits: EatGarb

#17 First Micky And Minnie Costumes Circa 1939

Image credits: bowlerboy2

#18 Oh Hell No

Image credits: chillidog1643

#19 South Shore Vet Clinic: “This Tick Has Been Hanging Around For Us To Show People For A While”

“After months in a sealed container with no additional feeding she laid eggs. This gives you an idea of how long a tick can be dormant and how many eggs one female can lay.”

Image credits: Secvndvs

#20 Human Eyes Threepio

Image credits: mrbiffo

#21 Who Does This

Image credits: tektekboi

#22 Bed Bugs

Image credits: kilgoresparrot

#23 Hurts My Soul

Image credits: Jimminx

#24 Please….. Stop Mentioning How Hot It Is

Image credits: AlpineCorbett

#25 These “Pink Lemonade Lips” Give Me A Stinging Herpes Cringe

Image credits: mieksmouse

#26 Dude Making Some Blood Donations (Blood Type No!!!!)

Image credits: lauch_btw

#27 Spider Sac Inside Keyboard

Image credits: matis228

#28 Seems To Be Very Safe

Image credits: DanielJREV

#29 Every Gun Is Loaded And Every Pot Handle Is Hot

Image credits: blurrrf

#30 Jesus I’m Scared…

Image credits: MemeAqueen

#31 That’s How It Works?

Image credits: RememberYanka

#32 The Brown??

Image credits: [deleted]

#33 Ancient Egyptian Dental Work

Image credits: MrMcNugget420

#34 Soup Du Jour! (Dishie Refuses To Change The Water And Just Says He’s Been Washing Dishes For 40 Years)

Image credits: KenjiYamashita

#35 Be White Like Ghost, Float Down River For 4hrs No Sunscreen

Image credits: Justthetiip

#36 You Guys Ever Get A Mustache Hair Stuck In Your Can, Pull It Out, Then Cry Like The Manly Man You Are?

Image credits: rfag321

#37 I Have No Words

Image credits: superviespiel

#38 Don’t Like Spiders? How About A Zombified Spider Reanimated By A Fungal Infestation?

Image credits: AeliosZero

#39 For All My Car Guys Out There

Image credits: MistyGrapeFox87

#40 Nice Phone Holder You Got There

Image credits: genius23sarcasm

#41 My Friend Sent Me A Picture Of His Bedsheets After A Nights Sleep Fighting Off A Fever

Image credits: Cac4392

#42 Epidermodysplasia Verruciformis “Treeman Syndrome”

Image credits: LuminescentDust

#43 The Complimentary ‘Shampoo’ In The Motel I’m Staying In Overnight

Image credits: Lalich88

#44 The Source Of My Mom’s Car Odor (Spoiled Milk Gone Unnoticed In The Tire Hatch)

Image credits: quinn_thomas

#45 Flea Market Candy Machine For Sale

Image credits: BigBongTheory123

#46 Found The Source Of My Toothache

Image credits: CircleClicker69_420

#47 Head (Ship’s Restroom) Of Navy Destroyer Uss Kidd That Sailed From 1943 To 1967. One Seat Is Painted Red: This Was Called The “Hot Seat” And It Was Reserved For Crew Who Had Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Image credits: aj1010101

#48 My Uni’s Keyboards

Image credits: [deleted]

#49 Have A Guess How Much Pain I’m In

Image credits: thereallilcya

#50 Went To The Dentist Cause My Wisdom Tooth Was Hurting. Turns Out It Was The Tooth Next To It

Image credits: BlockOfTheYear

#51 Jesus

Image credits: TheWriterJosh

#52 Human Tooth Necklace

Image credits: unoriginalcait

#53 Toothbrush

Image credits: Prof_Ferg

#54 A Beautifully Designed Button Sculpture

Image credits: MousseSuspicious930

#55 The Big Mackkake

Image credits: ComradeCrowbar

#56 Cockroaches Ruined My Honey. So Grossed Out Seeing This

Image credits: Saurabh_00

#57 I Can’t Believe This Showed Up On My Feed. I Need To Bleach My Eyes

Image credits: Quiddity360

#58 Brushing Your Teeth And You Realise There Were More Bristles Today

Image credits: 4juice

#59 Why?

Image credits: rurutherose

#60 Make It Suffer… Delhi Spaghetti

Image credits: es_mo

#61 The Way This Gymnast Is Standing

Image credits: scandy82

#62 An X-Ray Of A Man’s Arm That Was Crushed By A Meat Grinder

Image credits: Weird_person_1114

#63 Phineas Gage. The Man That Survived A Tamping Iron Through The Skull. More On Him By Samonella Academy

Image credits: Diligent-Composer372

#64 Tarantula Infected With Cordycipitaceae

Image credits: anoneti

#65 11l Of Urine Stored In A Bladder…

Image credits: psychedelicporncrepe

#66 Dental Clinic Christmas Tree

Image credits: flooperdooper4

#67 Whoever Designed This Deserves A Slow Death

Image credits: Erebus_83

#68 Prickily Banana

Image credits: xNanoWarriorx

#69 Gum Piercings… Why?

Image credits: Maggots4Brains

#70 Looked Away For A Minute And A Fly Laid Eggs On My Gyoza

Image credits: Jukari88

#71 The Inside Of My Fridge’s Ice And Water Dispenser

Image credits: tactfSFicang

#72 What In The Jesus Christ Is This Car?

Image credits: babs_is_great

#73 Down The Side Of My Brothers Bed, Don’t Wanna Know What The Tissues Were Used For

Image credits: THE-ONE-GIMP

#74 Fun Fact, If You Manage To Bend The Rod In Your Foot, The Rest Of It Shatters

Image credits: ferretatthecontrols

#75 Woman Had A Calcified Fetus In Her For 55 Years

Image credits: Mary_Dont_U_wanna

#76 Plangonologist: Collector Of Dolls

Image credits: SKoziel

#77 Landed A Great Job! But This Is The Chair And Cubicle I Was Assigned

Image credits: fresh-spinach

#78 I Photographed A Mosquito Drinking My Blood

Image credits: Bored_space_nerd

#79 Seeing This My Ribs Hurt

Image credits: Interesting_Force_65

#80 Thanks I Hate The Worlds Itchiest Suit

Image credits: Bobby284_

#81 Sitting Down Too Hard

Image credits: JesusChristwillsucc

#82 The Size Of This Hail From Texas Yesterday

Image credits: Lynxgod4

#83 The Hand Dryer At My Work

Image credits: 04052021

#84 My Artificial Disc Replacement (C5-C6) Is Migrating Out Of My Spine

Image credits: miaolongbao

#85 The Effects Of Severe Syphilis. The Disease Would Cause Painful Ulcers To Appear On The Face. These Ulcers Would Eat Away At The Bone & Cause The Nose To Collapse. Syphilis Would Attack The Nervous System And Brain In The Later Stages, Causing Blindness, Paralysis, Dementia, And Seizures

Image credits: [deleted]

#86 Found This Is A Piece Of Beef I Was Eating. Felt Like A Rubber Band

Image credits: CranberrySludge

#87 Clothes Made From Used Blow-Up Dolls

Image credits: Patient_Shogun

#88 My (34m) Dad (65)has Been Using The Same Hairbrush Every Day Since I Was 3. It Has Never Been Cleaned

Image credits: GeorgeLCostanza251

#89 My Grandma’s Brush, I’m Guessing It’s Between 20 Or 45 Years Old Since She Keeps Everything, Plus When I Was Very Young I Remember It Looking The Same

Image credits: AlexxBooo

#90 When You Live Without Fear, You Can Do Anything

Image credits: brbmartinez

#91 Was About To Sleep When I Found This Guy On My Pillow

Image credits: Jay-Jay05

#92 Help!

Image credits: nymphymixtwo

#93 Fibrodysplasia Offificans

Image credits: Voresaur

#94 True Love’s First Kiss

Image credits: B34TBOXX5

#95 My Leg After Cutting It Off Under The Knee And Putting It Back Together With Titanium, You Can Still See The Cut Here. It Never Recovered Correctly Since My Body Rejected The Titanium And Nerve Damage But I Can Walk Again For A Little While At The Time At Least

Image credits: KimG84

#96 My Friend Has Never Cleaned His Peloton. That’s Not Dust… Its Salt From Dried Sweat

Image credits: KnightOfNew1984

#97 Hmmm

Image credits: zehelancer

#98 My Buddy Broke His Arm A Few Years Ago

Image credits: yaboymilky

#99 Little Kid Crying Because Mom Found His Pee Drawer

Image credits: LambDProVEVO

#100 Kidney Stones Passed Recently. They Left The Kidneys And Have Been In The Bladder For About Three Years

Image credits: squarepusher6

#101 I Had An Eye Biopsy And Now I Look Like The Undead

Image credits: ameo02

#102 This Is Not Okay

Image credits: mausoliamx

#103 Let Me Introduce To You: My Wrist After Wearing Any Watch

Image credits: ahjteam

#104 Op Of The Original Post Has His Work Kitchen And Toilet In The Same Room

Image credits: coolsnackchris

#105 My Girlfriend Never Changed Her Air Filter In The Entire Two Years She’s Lived In Her Apartment. This Is The Atrocity I Pulled Out

Image credits: ADTR9320

#106 W T F

Image credits: Guy_JustGuy1

#107 Merry Teethmas

Image credits: WhoAteMyChocolate420

#108 Mmmm, Fresh Tacos

Image credits: El-Chico-6

#109 Never Cleaned The Gasket On The Spout Of My Water Bottle Until My Friend Showed Me His. Here’s What I Found

Image credits: PAKA2114

#110 Hygiene Is Important

Image credits: Zone_Purifier

#111 The Mold Growing Behind My Dad’s Fridge

Image credits: AWildAnonHasAppeared

#112 These Pepperonis I Found

Image credits: J0xh

#113 Remember To Throw The Pumpkin Out Before Too Long

Image credits: Tepid_inferno

#114 Pain

Image credits: tuba42

#115 Looks Delish

Image credits: Ajabs85

#116 Catpill

Image credits: Binary_Omlet

#117 4 Days Into Sunburn Recovery, My T-Shirt Got Stuck To My Back And

Image credits: FluffieOwlet

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