Make This DIY Ruler Stop

Combination squares come in very handy in the shop. But the thing I hate is that I’ll often set the depth, then need to leave it at that setting for various stages in a project, and I basically can’t use the square for anything else in the meanwhile. For that reason I’ve been meaning to buy a simple ruler stop to free up the combination square.

After seeing what’s in the photos below, perhaps I’ll make one. Lumberjocks user Bas, who hails from Holland, posted these photos of his simple and elegant DIY ruler stop.

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Just a simple ruler stop.

Made from beech and a modified brass nut.

The magnet inside holds the ruler tight and adds some friction during precise setting.

The last pic is a little tip: I added 2 magnets to my ruler. So I can pick up it very easily.

Nice work Bas!

Source: core77

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