Make Your Own Mozzarella Cheese

There are so many different kinds of cheese that anyone looking at the selection in a grocery store might think that it takes skill and generations of experience, not to mention specialized equipment, to make it. That may be true with ripened and aged cheeses, but people have been making soft cheeses at home for thousands of years, particularly cottage cheese. I thought about making cottage cheese some years back, but the very old recipe I had included the phrase “hang the cheese somewhere that the cat can’t reach it,” and knew th eproject was beyond me. But I might try this mozzarella recipe.

Yes, making actual cheese at home can be simple! Justine Doiron walks us through the process of producing homemade mozzarella cheese. The video is an overview to give you an idea of how much easier it is than you ever imagined cheese-making to be. When you decide you want to do it yourself, the recipe is in text at Doiron’s blog, Justine Snacks. -via Nag on the Lake

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Source: neatorama

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