“Makeup Should Be Illegal”: TikToker That People Call Mr. Bean’s ‘Daughter’ Embraces ‘Catfish’ Claims By Posting Makeup Transformations

People have been wearing makeup since the Egyptian times when it was a sign of wealth and it was believed such a look was more appealing to the gods. Now people wear it to express their creativity or their personality, to feel more confident, or because it’s a social norm.

Regardless of whether makeup is worn for expression or people are forced by beauty standards, it always gets criticized for the deception it creates, making a person look better, especially, if the difference is drastic.

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But others have learnt to appreciate it as art and more than 12 million people follow this TikToker for the very reason that she is so good at transformations using makeup. Not only is she very good at using makeup brushes, but she also fascinates people because of her resemblance to the comedy character Mr. Bean.

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TikToker reached 12 million followers as she is really good at makeup transformations, going from being Mr. Bean’s ‘daughter’ to a Kendall Jenner lookalike

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The TikToker’s name is Fabiola Baglieri and she is an 18-year-old actress born in Italy. She started her TikTok account in 2020 and from the very beginning it was a hit as her first video now sits at 738k views.

As early as her first videos, Fabiola showed off her makeup skills and demonstrated the power of how different a person can look without needing any surgical interventions. Initially, she posted her content in Italian, but she quickly went viral and reached an international audience, with one of her videos going viral with over 20M views after posting for less than a year.

She started her account in 2020 and immediately went viral with her transformation videos

Image credits: @fabiola.baglieri

Image credits: @fabiola.baglieri

People not only were fascinated by Fabiola’s makeup techniques but they also pointed out how similar she looks to Mr. Bean or Rowan Atkinson, the actor who plays the character. One commentator said, “You went from Mr. Bean to Kylie almost Jenner.” It got to the point where Fabiola was being called the character’s daughter.

A young woman being compared to an older actor who is best known for making ugly faces as a form of communication might have offended someone, but it seems that Fabiola used that to her own advantage.

When she does her makeup transformations, Fabiola likes to exaggerate her features and embrace her resemblance to Mr. Bean. She often bushes up her eyebrows or darkens her undereyes, which results in a more powerful transformation.

People sometimes get confused as to whether the before and after clips in her videos show the same person, but it is actually always Fabiola, who at first makes herself look what is considered to be ugly by many and then goes 180 and becomes a glamorous goddess.

Fabiola embraced her resemblance to Mr. Bean and used it to her own advantage to make a bigger impression with her makeup transformations

Image credits: @fabiola.baglieri

Image credits: @fabiola.baglieri

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While Fabiola has many fans who adore her transformations, appreciate her makeup skills and praise her natural beauty as well, there are those who call the woman a catfish and blame her for men having trust issues.

Women who wear makeup are often judged because the way they look is not their natural face, their beauty is artificial and deceiving, which means that women are insecure about themselves. At the same time, many women feel the pressure to wear makeup because of the fear of being called ugly because their wrinkles and dark undereyes are showing.

She actually makes herself look more like Mr. Bean in the before clips and reveals a glamorous makeup look at the end which leaves people speechless

Image credits: @fabiola.baglieri

Image credits: @fabiola.baglieri

Image credits: @fabiola.baglieri

NikkieTutorials, a Dutch YouTuber creating makeup tutorials and sharing cosmetic product reviews, has nearly 14 million subscribers. It seems that she feels similarly and in the description of a video published in 2015, she writes, “I feel like lately makeup shaming has become a thing. It’s as if putting makeup on to have fun is a shame. Therefore, I thought it would be cool to show you the power of makeup. A transformation. Because makeup… is FUN!”

This video now has over 42 million views and it started a trend of women sharing the power of makeup and showing their faces half-bare and half-done up, encouraging them to embrace both sides. Bored Panda actually has a list of those transformations that women shared after Nikkie’s viral video came out that you can find here.

Image credits: @fabiola.baglieri

You can watch one of Fabiola’s videos below

@fabiola.baglierinever judge a book by its cover♬ House of Memories with guitar christianrlocke – Christian

At the end of the day, makeup is just paint and it comes off with soap and water, so why don’t experiment with it and express how you feel, whether as an art form or even as a measure to make ourselves feel better as we conceal our insecurities without thinking how it could make others feel about it.

Did you like Fabiola’s transformations? Do you see the resemblance to Mr. Bean or Kendall Jenner? Do you feel that women who wear a lot of makeup are often judged, but if they don’t wear anything on their face they are seen as slobs? Let us know what you thought about Fabiola’s videos and share your thoughts about people wearing makeup in general!

While some people find her transformations incredible, others call Fabiola a catfish

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