Making Cheese at Home Just Got (Ch)Easier

KEFIRKO is back on Kickstarter to seek funding for the KEFIRKO Cheese Maker, a simplified glass jar and strainer appliance aiming to make homemade probiotic cheese a normal thing. It looks easy to use, has minimal parts and there’s the option to stray from probiotic cheese to experiment with other varieties—I think I can get behind this one.

All you do is fill up the strainer and let it sit in the fridge for as long as you want (less time = softer cheese, more time = harder cheese). Apparently, you can even drink the gross pee-colored liquid at the bottom for more health benefits?

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In any case, here are some delicious cheese dishes you will be able to make by yourself:

At first, I thought KEFIRKO was a single-use kitchen appliance, which I detest 96% of the time. (Other examples include salad spinners and garlic peelers—if you can tell me three or more different ways to use a salad spinner, maybe I’ll reconsider my stance on the product category.) However, it turns out you also have the option to make beverages, including coffee and almond milk, because of the dense strainer. A concern, though, is that the strainer looks tricky to clean. 

Anyways, I think the appliance’s small size and versatility justify it for cheese lovers and cheese snobs that seek complete control over quality—you can’t blame some cheese maker in France if your DIY probiotic cheese sucks. 

KEFIRKO already reached its Kickstarter funding goal by a landslide with over a month left in its campaign.

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