Making Knobs from Plastic Bottles, a Random Object and Some Heat

“Most plastic beverage bottles are made of PET,” observes Guillermo Cameron Mac Lean. “This material can be shrunk by applying heat.”

The architect and furniture designer, who hails from Argentina, began experimentally cutting the tops off of bottles, filling them with a random object (a rock, for instance), then using a heat gun to shrink the bottle around the object, while being careful not to deform the threaded neck. He then screws the cap to a surface, threads the bottle on, and has an instant coat hook. (I could also see this as a cabinet pull.)

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“Should we continue to consume products in disposable containers that we dispose in just 10 days, while it takes 180,000 days for a plastic container to disintegrate? This coat rack proves that there is a chance, environmentally, to obtain much profit out of our daily discarded materials.

“As consumers we are responsible. How much life span does this plastic have as a coat rack? Should we continue to consume products in disposable packaging?”

DIY Instructions:

1. Cut the bottle

2. Put something inside

3. Heat the plastic

4. Cut the leftovers

5. Screw the cap to the wall

6. Screw the bottle onto the cap

7. Hang it

See more of GCML’s work here.

Source: core77

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