Male Emu Hatches Barnyard Eggs

Foxfeather Zenkova is a wildlife rehabilitator and educator, and has a coop. In this coop are chickens, geese, turkeys, ducks, and now an emu. The male emu is just doing what comes natural, as emu females lay eggs and then take off, leaving the male to warm the eggs and then raise the young. This guy takes his responsibilities seriously, even though they aren’t his eggs, or even his species. On June 23rd, the eggs began to hatch!

He seems to be quite a patient and caring father. The chicks that have hatched so far are chickens; the other species will take longer. Before this is all over, this one emu dad could have his own menagerie!

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There are more pictures of this family you can see in the Twitter thread.  -via Metafilter 

Source: neatorama

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