Man Bonds With A Grouse While His Family Is Away

New London, New Hampshire — Mary Beth Westward, with her daughters, left on a trip last month, leaving her husband Todd at home. But while she and her daughters were away, Todd was able to develop a strange relationship with someone else. This someone else was Walter. And no, Walter’s not human; he’s a grouse.

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“I just thought it was a fluke before we left,” Mary Beth Westward said Friday. “While we were gone, this bird formed this crazy attachment. He was here every single day, all day long, following him.”

Walter has perched on her husband’s shoulder and arm, and has visited his backyard work station.

While Walter was able to develop a very positive relationship with Todd, it seems that he disliked Todd’s wife and daughters.

“He runs like a feathered velociraptor while he chases us down the driveway in our cars. And he goes back up and sits on the porch and pretends to be our watch-bird,” Westward wrote in her post.

But why is Walter acting this way? The reason behind this could be the fact that grouses become tame come springtime. (So, don’t expect grouses to perch on your shoulder on other seasons.)

(Image Credit: Mary Beth Westward/ AP News)

Source: neatorama

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