Man Creates A “Quarantine Grill” To Help Take His Wife’s Mind Off Of The Pandemic

A lovely night once in a while is something even the biggest extroverts can appreciate but having in mind the situation regarding the coronavirus pandemic, it’s getting more and more difficult for people to still value them. However, people are not giving up and are trying to still have wholesome social experiences while keeping in line with social distancing recommendations.

This chef came up with a brilliant idea to cheer up his wife despite all their date nights being canceled due to the pandemic and opened up his own home restaurant and the name he gave it just couldn’t be more appropriate.

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Jeffery ‘Butta’ Johnson came up with a brilliant idea for date nights during the coronavirus lockdown

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Even though governments all over the world are encouraging people to stay isolated at home if it’s possible, it doesn’t mean we should all give up every little pleasure there is in the book. Impossible to go out to a nice restaurant for a date night due to the quarantine? Bring the restaurant into your home!

Even though going out for dinner is off the table for quite a while, no one said nothing about opening your private home restaurant

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That’s exactly what self-taught chef Jeffery ‘Butta’ Johnson decided to do when all of the date nights he and his wife had planned suddenly got canceled. Since cooking is something he greatly enjoys, he decided to take matters into his own hands and open up his own home restaurant and take his wife to a fancy dinner.

Therefore, Johnson created ‘Quarantine Grill’

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Not only did Jeffery cook dinner, but he also went the extra mile and printed out his whole menu for the evening and even rustled up a little “reserved” sign for the table to make the dinner a full restaurant-like experience.

He printed out a menu and even put up a ‘reserved’ sign on the table for his wife

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He first offered his wife an appetizer of jumbo lump crab cake with a spicy remoulade sauce, then continued with an entrée of Cajun stuffed salmon filled with grilled shrimp asparagus and parmesan cheese, topped with a lemon slice and some scallions. It was accompanied by the sides of garlic herb mashed potatoes and sautéed collard greens with spicy andouille sausage.

Johnson then proceeded to cook a mouth-watering dinner to spoil his wife

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Jeffery finished up the dinner with strawberry cheesecake topped with some fresh strawberries and then, of course, took to Twitter to share the pictures with the world to get all our stomachs rumbling. It really seems like both Twitter and his wife can be expecting Quarantine Grill vol.2 coming soon since Jefferey said he’s fully stocked up.

Johnson says he is completely self-taught and learns by trial and error, nonetheless, we can soon expect ‘Quarantine Grill’ vol.2

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People loved his idea

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