Man Divorces His Wife For Getting Pregnant With A Girl ‘On Purpose’

Every now and then, the internet spills stories worthy of a movie script. Now this intense story that will take you on an emotional ride was shared by a 27-year-old woman who goes by the name KittenDealinMama on Reddit.

The tale starts with the author and her husband, who’s one year older, trying for a baby, initially with no success. “When I did get pregnant, we were overjoyed,” the author wrote.

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“He talked about wanting a son first so he could be the big strong leader for all his younger siblings and carry on the family name (a very big deal to him instilled by his parents). I expressed my desire to have a little girl I could dress up and match with,” KittenDealinMama recounted, adding that it became “a playful banter.”

Fast forward to the day when the couple finally found out the gender of the baby: it’s a girl! Initially, everything seemed well until the Redditor’s husband and mother-in-law had a long call which lasted so long that the author fell asleep. The next day, the soon-to-be dad literally disappeared and the world around the author has already begun collapsing.

Recently, a young pregnant woman shared how her family life was shattered to pieces after her husband accused her of manipulating him into having a girl

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Two days later, the author added this update on the whole situation

Then, this update followed

The author’s husband allegedly wrote this post, claiming he will see her in court

And this was the last update from the author

In October, the author went to ask for advice in the Divorce community on Reddit

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And this is what people had to say about the whole story

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