Man Ends Up Being Mocked Online For Insane Claim That His Wife Breastfeeding Is “Incest”

Despite the fact that we are all living in the 21st century, there are still some folks, often men, who have very strange and old-fashioned concepts about being married and what exactly they are entitled to.

A netizen shared screenshots from a particularly unhinged conversation, where a husband had accused his wife of incest because she was breastfeeding their child. We got in touch with the woman who shared the story. Readers reacted with shock and aggressively mocked this man for his bizarre, unhinged and downright entitled beliefs about his wife’s body.

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Some women choose to breastfeed their kids

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But one woman was shocked to learn that her husband insisted she not breastfeed because it was “incestous”

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There are still some bizarre and old-fashioned norms around breastfeeding

Bored Panda got in touch with the netizen who shared the story and they were kind enough to answer some of our questions and share some more details. Naturally, we wanted to know what exactly they thought was going through the husband’s brain.

“I’m not sure about where the husband was coming from. Honestly, I believe that our society as a whole has an issue with still sexualizing breastfeeding and I think this man just had an over sexualized view of it in his mind. I’m a nursing Mom and I nursed my 2 younger children and even when I would nurse them in public with cover on I would get weird looks and was treated differently by staff members,” she shared. The unfortunate fact is that many women end up judged for their normal bodily functions even in professional settings.

“When I was returning to work after my now 9 year old was born, the company I worked for, Savers, refused to let me nurse on a schedule that was practical, they wanted me to wait until another manager could come in and cover me 5 hours into my shift which is just not realistic for a nursing mom to wait that long, but they told me to just supplement with formula so I think David just took that mentality too far.”

The woman who posted the screenshots ended up being banned

We also wanted to know more about the original source, the woman whose husband sent the bizarre and frankly disturbing texts. “Unfortunately, Reddit banned the wife’s account because she had posted images of their divorce papers to prove she wasn’t lying and she didn’t blur out their info. A few people doxed her and her ex-husband so Reddit took exception to it.”

“She did post on her personal page that they were in the middle of divorcing and that he also sees bathing their 2 sons after 2 years old as incest as well, so I think that he just has a very strange and over sexualized view of things, maybe he’s even taken the Oedipus complex a bit too seriously seeing his sons as “competition,”” she share with Bored Panda. The internet is littered with the horrible stories of entitled people, but putting your own bizarre and possessive interest over your wife’s body in front of your newborn is extreme.

“I initially saw the post on r/facepalm and another person that commented on my post saw it reposted in the “twohottakes” group but I’m not sure if they’re still up as Reddit seems to be trying to wipe this thing off of here; they even gave me a strike against suspension because they’re saying I posted “violent content that threatened physical harm.”

“So it’s kind of odd that they’re being so diligent at wiping this thing off here when I strongly think that this mentality needs to be challenged and brought to light not just for the safety of women, but for the health of our children too.” If you feel like this tale left a bad taste in your mouth, feel free to check out our article on misogynists being called out.

Later, the user who shared the story answered some questions

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Many readers thought the husband was being disgusting


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