Man Finds Frog in his Lettuce; Now has a Pet Frog

Simon Curtis bought a box of lettuce. It was in his refrigerator for several days before he got to the bottom of it and found a tiny green tree frog in the container! Now, a lot of people would get squicked out and complain to the store, but this frog was alive. And adorable. Curtis didn’t want to set the frog outside, because the temperature was below freezing, so he turned to Twitter for advice.

He kept the frog in the original container, but added moisture and a water dish, and kept him in the kitchen. He named the frog Tony, and found out Tony is somewhat of an escape artist. Curtis kept his Twitter followers updated on all of Tony’s shenanigans, and every day fell more in love with the frog.  Tired of constantly looking for Tony, Curtis got a terrarium to give him a bigger, more secure home. After consulting wildlife experts, Curtis decided that he now has a pet frog.

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You can read the entire saga as it unfolded on Twitter just before Christmas, at Bored Panda.

Source: neatorama

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