Man Gives A Crystal Clear Explanation On Why Men Need Feminism

Sometimes, just saying the word “feminism” can scare a man. But TikTok user @comradekam thinks that shouldn’t be the case.

Instead of avoiding and opposing feminism, he says men should embrace and support it.

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In a recent video, Comrade Kam explains that the patriarchy is abusing everyone, including males, so they should also be inclined to take it down. Which is what feminism is all about.

As of today, the recording in which Comrade Kam shares these thoughts already has over 1.2 million views, and many people believe he builds a pretty convincing case. What do you think? Tell us in the comments.

Recently, a TikTok on toxic masculinity went viral

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Image credits: comradekam

Image credits: comradekam

As we pointed out in our article on men’s and women’s rights, even though men dominate key institutions such as government, politics, management, trade unions, churches, they still endure considerable marginalization as evidenced in higher rates of suicide, psychiatric illness, and alcoholism than women.

Toxic masculinity, something many call a byproduct of our society, requires men to suppress emotions or mask distress. It champions a rugged appearance and promotes violence as an indicator of power. It’s been called the result of teaching boys that they can’t express emotion openly, that they have to be “tough” all the time, and that anything other than that makes them “feminine”—weak.

According to the American Psychological Association (APA), these cultural lessons have been linked to “aggression and violence,” leaving boys and men at “disproportionate risk for school discipline, academic challenges and health disparities,” including cardiovascular problems and substance abuse.

And a man used it to explain why men need feminism

Image credits: comradekam

“Men are overrepresented in prisons, are more likely than women to commit violent crimes, and are at greatest risk of being a victim of violent crime,” the American Psychological Association (APA) added.

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Pamela Sue Anderson, who was an American philosopher specializing in philosophy of religion, feminist philosophy, and continental philosophy, said a major obstacle inherent in patriarchy remains its barely perceptible reality for all of those women and men whose lives have been decisively ordered by the rule of the father.

One thing men definitely can learn from feminism is standing up for themselves. How far they want to go is up to them.

Here’s what people said after watching his video

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