Man Loses Legs in Family Selfie

The man in the hat is redditor BeardoGREG. Yes, he has a beard, and his name is probably Greg. He managed to get his entire family into one selfie. But look, he has no legs! What happened? There is no Photoshop involved, because that would be dumb. This is an unintentional illusion.

See, his wife is taking the picture. She is probably sitting on the ground with their son. The daughter isn’t too tall, either. So Greg tried to get down on their level by spreading his legs apart, then lowering his head to be even with his daughter’s, which meant bending at the hips until his torso was almost perpendicular to the ground. His legs are behind the kids. The shirt hangs a little away from his body, hiding any evidence of pants. So it only looks like he is flying into the picture, Superman-style. -via Boing Boing

Source: neatorama

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