Man Sends This Woman An Unsolicited Pic, She Responds By Saying An App Deleted It And Sent It To The Police

The internet is a strange place and there is always a thing or two that can go wrong. This is especially true when texting with strangers out there. There are plenty of nice guys and you might get lucky enough to find one in the wavy sea of online dating, but a part of it belongs to the creeps with self-confidence issues. This cocktail of personality traits is always toxic, and it explains why you are receiving an unsolicited dick pic in no time.

Wired recently announced that “dick pics are everywhere, and nobody knows what to do about them.” But Mariclare Michelle from Seattle, Washington, has proven them wrong. There’s always a good response to turn that creep into a mere shadow of himself. “Don’t send me dick pics or I’ll f*kin’ blast you.” And she did.

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The woman shared her hilarious response to an unsolicited dick pic

Mariclare commented on the situation: “I laughed really hard when the picture came through. I was half awake, half asleep and like, ‘what?’ It’s a picture of his penis.” In fact, there were more than one: “several pictures of his penis. He sent me multiple. I think he sent me three.”

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Apparently, there were more women who had the same experience

It’s not the first time the young woman has received this kind of picture. “I get it all the time, so I wasn’t too worried when I got the picture. I was sick of it.” The idea came in by accident: “I saw a post about a different girl talking about a porn blocker on her phone. I was like, I’ve got the time and I have nothing better to do.”

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This guy turns out to be a serial reoffender!

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The red flags about the creep were always there

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Image credits: _dangerousblues

Almost half of millennial women in the United Kingdom have received at least one unwanted penis picture. To be precise, YouGov released a survey showing that 41 percent of women from age 18 to 36 had received one. That’s where it gets interesting. According to that same survey, only 22 percent of men admit to having sent a dick pic. Even fewer⁠—only 5 percent of millennial men⁠—confessed that their dick pic was unsolicited.

There might be two reasons why the numbers don’t add up. First, it might be the case that millennial women receive penis photos from men older than millennial age. Secondly, some men just can’t admit to having sent their dick pics, especially if they were unsolicited. There’s an obvious level of shame that comes to admitting their contribution to cyberflashing.

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Even more women stood up to say they know the guy and he’s really ‘weird’

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Other people chimed in to share their opinions about the case


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