Man Slammed For “Manspreading” Next To Woman On Flight

On June 29, Brenda Norton from Nebraska took to the Dull Women’s Club Facebook group to share a frustrating experience during her flight. Seated in the middle, Brenda found herself next to a man who had no regard for personal space.

“This guy has his whole left leg in my leg space. C’mon! I don’t even know you! I hate not having an aisle seat,” she posted.

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The resulting post garnered over 2.000 comments from women sharing their experiences

Image credits: RichLegg (Not the actual photo)

The photo she shared online shows the man’s bare, hairy leg pressed against hers, prompting over 2,200 comments at the time of writing from women expressing their dismay and frustration over what is commonly referred to as “manspreading.

The term originates from the websites Urban Dictionary and Tumblr, and it refers to the practice of men sitting with their legs wide apart, encroaching on adjacent seats in public spaces like airplanes or buses. 

One commenter noted, “Sometimes men just expect women to be small and accept that they’re going to take up more space. Don’t be small and don’t let them take up more space.” Another added, “Why is it always men who think they can invade your space? Be subtle, push him back into his own corner.”

Image credits: Brenda Norton/Dull Women’s Club

But a lack of manners might not be the end of the story. Other users proposed a different cause

Image credits: Jirapong (Not the actual photo)

While many sympathized with Brenda’s experience, others proposed a different explanation. One commenter thinks the blame lies with “greedy airlines making the seats too close together.”

“It appears, from the photo, that his legs don’t fit if they are straight,” she noted, further explaining that her “very tall husband has the same problem, but when he has tried to solve it by paying extra for exit row seats, they are always too narrow.”

Another traveler also believes that the issue stems from the size of the seats. “Rows on planes are ridiculously close together. Sometimes there’s nowhere else to go,” she added.

Experts believe there’s a biological explanation for this behavior

Image credits: Eriko Tsukamoto (Not the actual photo)

Regardless, most people view what’s called “manspreading” as a rude and inconsiderate act, but some experts suggest there might be a biological explanation. Spinal Neurosurgeon John Sutcliffe explains that anatomical differences between men and women might contribute to this behavior.

“The overall width of the pelvis is relatively greater in females, and the angle of the femoral neck is more acute. These factors could play a role in making a position of sitting with the knees close together less comfortable in men,” he said.

Additionally, men might spread their legs to avoid testicular compression from the thigh muscles.

Larger, more comfortable spaces might be ideal, but respect remains the immediate solution

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Image credits: Suhyeon Choi (Not the actual photo)

A combination of factors—from airplane seats being too small and cramped, causing discomfort for larger individuals, to a lack of consideration by passengers, causing animosity and outrage online—can make the flying experience worse for all aboard.

Brenda’s story and the subsequent outpouring of similar comments underscore the need for a comprehensive solution.

Women have also taken to X to share their grievances about this behavior

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Kristie Koerbel, a flight attendant for 20 years, is categorical in her assessment: “Manspreading is not acceptable in any seat,” but she empathizes with the lack of space.

“That said, the middle seat is the dreaded torture device of flying. So, the unwritten rule is that the middle seat gets both armrests.”

Koerbel also offers practical advice for dealing with the issue: “To handle someone invading your space, ask them nicely. Often, the person doesn’t even realize they are being rude.

“Try a joke, like, ‘They keep making these seats smaller and smaller.’ That acknowledges your problem is with the seat, not the person, and that you are both in this together.”

Tips, tricks, annoyances, and sympathies were shared by other users of the Facebook group

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