Man Snaps A Mirror Selfie With His Barber In The 1970s, Continues The Tradition For 40 Years

There’s something magical about going to see the same person for a specific service all of your life. Whether they’re a baker, a butcher, a florist, a book shop salesman, or a hairdresser, people tend to be loyal to their local professionals.

One example that loyalty is incredibly important to people is Sam Farr from Bristol. He’s been going to the same barber, Joe Pace who owns Giuseppe’s hairdresser’s in Bath, for nearly half a century.

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Farr documented his visits to Pace’s barbershop by taking snaps in the mirror. The photographs show how the barber and the customer changed over the years since the 1970s. The beautiful thing is that Farr goes out of his way to visit Pace for a trim even though they live in different cities.

Chris Ford, Senior Director, UK Sales at Hawk Incentives told Bored Panda what it is that makes customers stay loyal to small businesses. Scroll down for the full interview.


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“I think as a whole, we like things to be much the same,” Farr told the media. “Obviously, lots of things aren’t the same as they were in the ’70s, but the only [consistent thing] is Joe. Everything has changed, while Joe is still there happily cutting my hair and doing a great job of it.”


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Meanwhile, Farr’s barber Pace had this to say: “It’s been a privilege to work with people time and time again over the past 42 years, and in many cases, we’re not a customer-client relationship—we’re friends.”


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“We’ve shared dinners together, been away together, and they’ve joined me on holiday trips to my villa in Sicily. In some cases, the fourth generation is coming in of the same family, and that is really spooky.”


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According to Ford of Hawk Incentives, small businesses inspire loyalty in their customers when they “take the time to offer exceptional customer service—they will know the person personally, treat them relevantly (often as a VIP) and deliver the right service the first time every time.”

“I’d also like to think that people realize that the small business exists as a local convenience only if it gets used!”

Here’s how the two men changed over time

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Bored Panda wondered what types of businesses tend to have the most return customers. Here’s what Ford said: “100% of the businesses that can treat people personally and relevantly whilst offering an exceptional experience and service.”

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“The business that becomes a pivotal part of a person’s life will often be the business that has transitioned their approach into one that engages with the customers way beyond the functional parts of doing business or the price of the goods.”

Farr and Pace the barber aren’t just business-owner and customer; they’re friends

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What’s more, Ford had three pieces of useful advice for small business owners that will help them gain the trust and long-term patronage of their customers: “Be an active part of the community—small sponsorship locally goes an awful long way and this creates a sense of community and trust.”

“Be brilliant at customer service—welcoming, engaging, and relevant.”

“Have a social media presence—be part of local online communities, be a commentator, be seen to be active and passionate—people will respond in the same way!”

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Meanwhile, AXA writes that everything starts with “exemplary customer service” and going “above and beyond when dealing with customers.” Essentially, this means building trust by giving customers quality and showing them that you’re a professional.

Something else small business owners can do is establishing regular, genuine communication with their customers. After all, if you never talk to someone who recently started coming into your shop like clockwork, the chances are, that relationship might eventually fizzle out.

Farr still comes to Pace for a trim even though they live in different cities

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I’ve personally been going to the same hairdresser for over a decade now. She knows everything about my hair and I have no idea whom I’d go to to get my hair cut if she were to move out of the country. I’m sure that plenty of other people have very close relationships with their barbers as well.

Here’s a video that examines the two friends’ relationship

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Do you have anyone providing goods and services in your life whom you’re loyal to and always choose to go to, dear Pandas? How long have you been going to the same hairdresser for? Let us and everyone else know in the comments.

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