Man Starts A Discussion Online After Revealing A Request He Received From An Acquaintance Asking Him To Pay $2.47 For Giving Him A Ride Home

Having in mind that society is now faced with various hardcore problems such as rising costs of accommodation, food, gas, and other important things that help us to live comfortably, it’s no wonder that people will try to find ways to cut these costs in order to save some money. It’s good that there are a lot of smart ways to do it, one of them being sharing a ride with someone, this way not only saving some money but also being environmentally conscious. But what if such a good plan becomes a pain when someone asks you to pay a ridiculous amount for their services? Especially when it’s a one-time thing? This TikTok user named @peterpribylpierdinock shared a private conversation with his “friend’s friend” that made his post viral with almost 4M views. What was so intriguing about what the man shared that it received so much attention? It was the woman who gave him a ride request that made thousands of people join the debate online.

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Oftentimes people come up with smart ways to cut unnecessary costs and this way save some money

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Peter started his video by sharing a screenshot of the message he received from Julia, someone who was a “friend of a friend” and who gave him and his roommate a ride. In her message, the woman asked the TikToker what was his and his roommate’s Venmo so she could request $2.47 from each for driving them both home. Perhaps Julia understood that her request was weird because of the small sum she asked for, because she proceeded with a follow-up message explaining why she asked the guy to send this amount. Understandably, the prices of gas are going up, so the woman wanted to get her share back, stating “don’t blame me, blame [B]iden”. 

TikTok user decided to share a screenshot of a message he received from a “friend of a friend” who asked him to reimburse her $2.47 for giving him a ride home

Image credits: @peterpribylpierdinock

The only comment that the author of the video made was about him “actively rooting for the Yellowstone Supervolcano.” Only an 8-second video started an elaborate discussion online where people shared that they wouldn’t have enough audacity to ask someone to pay this kind of sum even if they really needed the money. For others it was a perfect opportunity to share what they would’ve replied to such a request, sharing some funny comebacks. But this was only one type of opinion, as there were TikTokers who addressed the fact that if someone you don’t know that well offers to give you a ride, the polite thing to do is to offer to pay for the gas for them. Someone also brought up the fact that internet users don’t know the whole story and the woman’s financial situation, so they can’t be making fun of her.

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@peterpribylpierdinockFriends of friends getting way too bold♬ chrissy wake up but its peaceful – Margot

This video soon became viral with 3.8M views, starting a heated debate online

Image credits: @peterpribylpierdinock

Having in mind that the times are tough for many people, what are some smart and less restrictive ways to save money? While there is a lot of useful advice on how to save money, some of them might not work for everyone as we all are different, we receive different incomes, and we have different types of monetary responsibilities and spending habits. But what are some of the universal practices that might at least help us to take the first step towards making smarter financial choices? According to Bank of America, there are a few easy ways that people can adapt to their financial situation and save some money.

A lot of TikTok users were surprised that the woman actually asked for that kind of sum to be reimbursed

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First, it’s important to track your spending habits in a way that works best for you in order to see where you spend most of your finances. Perhaps you spend too much money on takeout or subscriptions you don’t use, and never thought about it wasting your money. Once you see some patterns in your spending, it will allow you to make a budget that shouldn’t be exceeded with unnecessary purchases. It might seem tricky to try and cut all unessential purchases, but it does help to save a lot of money if you learn to stop yourself from impulsive buying, do some more digging into finding interesting activities that are free, and spend time cooking yourself rather than going to a restaurant.

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While others also raised a question of why the man didn’t offer to pay for a ride in the first place as an act of politeness

Image credits: @peterpribylpierdinock

Saving money takes time and willpower. What would work as a great motivation in this case is setting certain saving goals. Thinking of buying a new car? Perhaps remodeling your home? Or want to spend that money on the trip of a lifetime? There could be multiple things that are worth saving for that would work as a booster to not give up. To maintain your progress, find a suitable tool (for example, savings account) to check how you’re doing and how much you have already saved. Do you have any additional tips and tricks that help with saving money? Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments down below!

Despite the video dividing the TikTok community into two groups, the author of the post didn’t comment much on the whole situation

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