Man Throws Dozens of Snakes off of a Road

Let us not doubt that the gentleman in this video was, in his best Samuel L. Jackson voice, expressing his exasperation at the number of snakes on the road. Who he is and where he is remain a mystery, but not his reckless courage.

Some people on the Internet are saying that this man picked up hundreds of snakes to toss them off the road. I think that dozens is a more likely count, although a number higher than zero is too many snakes to pick up without absolute certainty that they are nonvenomous.

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Why does the do this? Let me speculate:

  1. To rescue the snakes from getting run over by cars.
  2. To impress his friends with his bravery.
  3. To impress the ladies with his bravery.

-via Dave Barry

Source: neatorama

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