Manager Asks If He’s A Jerk For Telling His Pregnant Employee To Stop Slacking

While it’s vital to treat all employees equally, it’s just as important to be aware of significant circumstances in their life that might affect their work and then react appropriately. One office manager wanted to know if they were a jerk for telling an employee that pregnancy “is not an excuse for low productivity,” so they posted their story on the AITA subreddit.

The community overwhelmingly branded the redditor a jerk and some commenters went into detail about exactly why they were being insensitive (beyond the obvious). Have a read through the OP’s story yourselves, dear Pandas, and let us know what your take on the situation is. What would you have done personally?

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Oh, and a gentle reminder to keep things friendly, in the words of one of the moderators of the AITA community, Moggehh: “I know everyone wants to call OP [a jerk] but he gets it by now and not enough of you are [being civil].”

An office manager wanted to get the internet’s take about whether or not they’re a jerk for demanding that a pregnant employee be just as productive as before

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One redditor shared some incredibly important information about pregnancy that some people might not have known about. They spoke about HG (hyperemesis gravidarum) which is excessive nausea and vomiting that can lead to a woman even needing hospital treatment.

The NHS reports that HG can affect 1 to 3 women in every 100, but some cases might go unreported. “If you are being sick frequently and cannot keep food down, tell your midwife or doctor, or contact the hospital as soon as possible. There is a risk you may become dehydrated, and your midwife or doctor can make sure you get the right treatment.”

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Of course, we can’t confirm if the pregnant employee has HG or not. But as some redditors stressed, even if she doesn’t have HG, her manager’s behavior wasn’t up to scratch.

Meanwhile, other redditors pointed out that putting the employee’s pregnancy aside, the entire work culture at the original poster’s company should be the focus of criticism for its long hours.

Here’s the r/AITA community’s verdict

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