Mandalorian Merch: Hasbro Selling Mando's Rifle, Which Fires Nerf Bullets

The original “Star Wars” was the first film to successfully market an affiliated toy line, leading to an industry now worth billions. “The Mandalorian,” Disney +’s hit series set in that universe, is continuing the trend with Hasbro’s reproduction of the titular character’s fork-pronged rifle.

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The Mandalorian Amban Phase-pulse Blaster, as it’s officially called, is an enormous (over four-foot long) reproduction rifle that fires breach-loaded Nerf bullets (10 included).

Hasbro officially calls the bullets “darts,” but I mean, you tell me what you’d call these:

A pair of not-included AAA batteries power eight different sound effects covering the loading and firing audio.


While Hasbro will be selling the Mandalorian’s ship, the Razor Crest, for $350…

…I wonder if they’ll modify the design to match the events of last week’s episode. If so, I imagine it will come in a much smaller box. Which reminds me of my favorite never-actually-made Star Wars toy of all time:

Mando’s rifle rings in at $120 and is available for pre-order now–though it won’t start shipping until October of 2021. “This is the Wait.”

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Source: core77

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