Mandy Patinkin Helps a Grieving <i>Princess Bride</i> Fan Mourn

Actor Mandy Patinkin is most famous for playing the role of rogue Inigo Montoya in The Princess Bride. His father died of cancer in 1972 when he was a young man and Patinkin was still grieving over the loss when he played Inigo in 1986.

One of the greatest scenes in the film shows Inigo slaying his father’s murderer while saying, “I want my father back, you son of a bitch.” As Patinkin explained in an interview several years ago, he was thinking about own father’s killer when he performed in that scene.

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The Princess Bride has touched the lives of millions of viewers over the years. One of them was a TikTok user whose father recently died of cancer. The father was a fan of The Princess Bride and Patinkin’s character. In the above video, he connects with her to help her mourn her loss.

Patinkin seems like a genuinely sweet person. About a decade ago, he was giving an interview with a television station when the wife of a reporter went into labor. Patinkin understood that this event was of far greater importance than anything he had to say.

-via Althouse

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