Many US Restaurants Are Facing A Struggle To Find New Employees, People Respond By Explaining Why They Won’t Work There

With the Covid-19 pandemic continuing to ravage large parts of the world, its effects are felt by more and more people. And not just the devastating health issues—the short-term and long-term economic impact as well.

Some restaurants, cafes, and fast-food chains in the US are on the lookout for new staff members. Desperately. There’s a shortage of applicants in some places. However, some businesses aren’t having much success, trying all kinds of tactics to lure in potential workers. But some people have had enough and voiced their opinions about the ills of working low-paying menial jobs where employees aren’t respected as much as they should be.

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In their opinion, businesses have to fundamentally change their approach to be more humane. And it’s not just about better finances. You’ll find some of their takes below, dear Pandas. When you’re done reading, share your thoughts and feelings about the job market right now.

While some people pointed out that restaurants are desperate to find staff, others shared the reasons why they might be struggling to fill those positions

Others complained that some fast-food franchises refuse to pay a living wage because it might hurt their bottom line

While still others even made memes to show how weird it is to blame people for having high standards and wanting to not struggle to survive

While some businesses are struggling to look for new employees, however, others are struggling to even pay the rent and keep the lights on. The Chicago Sun Times and The Associated Press explain that around 30 percent of the jobs that the United States lost to the Covid-19 pandemic aren’t expected to come back.

These jobs mostly include face-to-face contact with customers, including working at restaurants, hotels, retailers, and even entertainment venues. In short, this means that a large number of Americans will have to look for a job elsewhere or even learn new skills and specialize anew.

However, on the flip side, nobody knows for sure what the job market will look like once the pandemic is under control. We might have a situation that’s far more optimistic, with more businesses bouncing back than expected while others make the necessary shifts to accommodate a more empathetic view of their employees.

Mass vaccination programs are an indication that there could be a light at the end of the tunnel in the fight against Covid, though the current situation in India indicates the opposite trend.

Folks all over the internet had a lot to say on the topic and shared their opinions about working low-paying jobs with poor working conditions

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Do you think that restaurant employees are given fair wages and other perks, dear Pandas? Where do you think we could stand to improve things more? Do you think everyone has the luxury of saying ‘no’ to a job in these difficult times? Write us a comment below—we always love reading what you have to say on important topics.

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