martin klimas

Okay, as a control freak, this work makes my chest a little tight. Look at that hand in the final photograph? Or the head in the first image? How did he? What the? Whoa. These stunning, while completely accidental, compositions are the work of German artist Martin Klimas. And, not only are the final images exciting, listen to his process for the Porcelain Figures series:

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“From a height of three meters, porcelain figurines are dropped on the ground, and the sound they make when they hit trips the shutter release. The result: razor-sharp images of disturbing beauty, more than the sum of its parts. Temporary sculptures made visible to the human eye by high-speed photography. The porcelain statuette bursting into pieces isn’t what really captures the attention; the fascination lies in the genesis of a dynamic figure that seems to stop/pause the time and make time visible itself.”

The moral of today’s story… magical things can happen when you take a few risks.

Source: thejealouscurator

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