Mary Ann Bevan: The Ugliest Women in History

Mary Ann Bevan may have made a name as the ugliest woman in the world. But in her endeavours she also became an epitome of opportunism and optimism.

Born in Plaistow, London, on 20 December, 1874, Mary was one of eight children born to working-class parents. She lived a commonplace life for many years, and married Thomas Bevan, a market gardener in 1903. But in May 1914 Thomas died suddenly, leaving Mary with four young mouths to feed. She was a normal looking woman of five feet seven, but after her husband’s death, Mary began noticing symptoms of acromegaly. Her body was now producing growth hormones in excess, causing incessant migraine and great physical discomfort. On the exterior though, all that was visible were her consistently deteriorating appearance.

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