Massive "5D-Printed" Lamps Made From Recycled Water Jugs

Lebanon-based design firm Post Industrial Crafts created these Tripod Lamps using recycled 5-gallon water bottles and a unique production method:

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“The Tripod Lamps are an extremely simple, and iconic, assembly of three legs, one handle, and one shading cone. They are ground and table lighting additions, which can be transported along with their handle and fit anywhere on their three legs. The shading cone directs and filters the light.

“Using our 5D printing process, the Tripod Lamps are entirely made with local recycled polycarbonate, processed by our large-scale robot arm Hayete, (meaning “My Life” in Arabic). The robot arm moves our large industrial screw extruder in space, laying a line of molten local recycled plastic along a parametrically set path. Once the molten recycled plastic is deposited in space, it immediately starts self-setting as its temperature decreases.

“For easy recycling, the four mono-block, mono-material pieces, are assembled with only two large screws. For an extensive range of use, the lamps are easily transportable by their ergonomic handle. The lamps are colored using our home-brewed mix of pigments to give them a range of finishes, be it shimmering, translucent, completely transparent to even opaque. These lamps are designed as versatile companions to create a fine-tuned ambiance at home.”

The deep blue model is a limited-run Sursock Edition, named for Beirut’s Sursock Museum. The proceeds from this edition are going to the restoration of the museum, which was damaged by Beirut’s devastating port explosion last year.

Source: core77

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