Master Of Darkness – The Original Samurai Slayer

Master of Darkness byVincent Trinidad

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There are many wicked beings out there who claim to be masters of evil, but Aku has them all beat by a mile. For you see Aku isn’t bound by silly things like time, space or dimension, so when he puts his incredibly wicked mind to it he’s able to spread darkness throughout reality, tainting every aspect of life in the multiverse. Thankfully, for every Master of Darkness there’s a mighty cool Hero of Light ready to Jack up their plans for demonic domination, and the lone samurai who’s got Aku’s number has proven himself to be an unstoppable force for good!

Gear up for animated adventure with this Master Of Darkness t-shirt by Vincent Trinidad, it’s the cool way to show love for the return of your favorite red hot hero Samurai Jack!

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