Matter Design and CEMEX Global R&D present, “Walking Assembly”.

Matter Design and CEMEX Global R&D present, “Walking Assembly”. Cambridge-based firm matter design has unveiled research on seemingly “weightless” concrete forms that can be easily moved. 

Realised in collaboration with construction-research company CEMEX Global R&D, the pair have discovered a way of rotating mammoth stones that would otherwise rely on cranes or heavy equipment.

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The design lab’s principal Brandon Clifford detailed their findings during a talk at TED’s 2019 conference which is being held in Vancouver. Video documentation of their research illustrates the possibility of moving large concrete forms and assembling them into multi-level platforms, walls, and even staircases. using rounded edges and handle points the components can be easily rocked, tilted, and rolled into place. 

The research looks at the density of Massive Masonry Units (MMU’s) and their center of mass. By using variable density concrete, the center of mass is calibrated precisely to control their stability. This ensures that these massive elements successfully walk and assemble into place.

Matter design studio has created two projects in collaboration with CEMEX, janus and walking assembly, which demonstrate methods for assembling massive construction elements without the use of a crane. The architects were inspired by Moai statues on Easter Island, which weigh up to 82 tons a piece and were reportedly moved by walking themselves.

Real-life applications could make it both easier and cheaper to build in areas that are difficult to access. It could also make it simpler to assemble and disassemble structures built using these materials, therefore avoiding the need to demolish them and instead make new configurations.

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