Maulings, Scaldings, and Murder in Yellowstone

Since Tom Scott brought up the subject of being murdered in Yellowstone National Park, we may as well learn about how it happens. On the occasion of Yellowstone’s 150th anniversary, Cowboy State Daily published a map and list of maulings, scaldings, and murders that have occurred at the park. The deaths are mostly gleaned from the book Death in Yellowstone: Accidents and Foolhardiness in the First National Park. Now, before you get the idea that Yellowstone is a hotbed of unnatural deaths, keep in mind that the greatest causes of deaths in the park are auto accidents and heart attacks, just like everywhere else. And among national parks, Yellowstone is only the fifth most deadly, despite having the longest history.

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But Yellowstone has dangerous attractions, namely geothermal features like geysers and boiling hot springs that tourists fall into and sometimes jump into. Others want to get close to the bison or the bears, with deadly results. You might conceivably call these natural deaths as they happen in nature, but they are usually due to human foolishness. After all, nature is metal. The list of murders in the park include several killings within a family, one case of cannibalism, and ends with Gabby Petito. You can read about some of these deaths, and download the map, here.

Source: neatorama

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