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Apples and tassels and whales, oh my! These glorious pieces are the work of American artist Max Colby, and are all part of their “Elegies” series… and yes, every single one makes me want to MAKE something right this very second. There is so much to look at in each and every piece! Here is part of Max’s artist statement to give you a peek into why they do what they do:

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“Through lush, detailed work in embroidery and textiles, Max Colby reframes traditional notions of domesticity, power, and gender through a queer and non-binary lens. Embellished with beads, sequins and other adornments, they rigorously explore identity through material histories. Touching on ceremonial and art historical iconography, the artist reclaims, transforms, and constructs objects which subvert the aesthetics of violent, patriarchal systems.”

Gorgeous! Also, you have to see the scale… in studio, and with Max at a show earlier this year:

Gah! So. Big! Happy Monday.

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