Maybe Looking for Aliens is a Bad Idea

The Fermi Paradox states that the odds are overwhelmingly against the notion that the earth is the only place that life exists in the universe. But if there are others out there, why haven’t we found them, or why haven’t they found us? Maybe they are hiding. Maybe they are afraid of us. After all, considering our science fiction stories, it’s obvious that we are afraid of intelligent beings from other planets. But beyond fiction, there’s always the possibility that successful alien life forms may be like us. And that’s terrifying.

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This video from Kurzgesagt goes through the steps to explain why an alien civilization may avoid approaching us due to the same trepidation that people feel for other people that they don’t already know. That’s not limited to intelligent beings, either, as the lower species in our own world can be awfully dangerous to each other as well. Meanwhile, we keep sending out probes and radio signals hoping to contact alien beings. We may be way too naive and trusting in these projects. -via Damn Interesting

Source: neatorama

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