McGingerbread Hell Winners

Kate Wagner at McMansion Hell hosted a gingerbread house competition with a twist. She invited bakers to send in their best gingerbread McMansion! Fans who follow her blog pulled out all the stops to recreate the real estate monstrosities that have taken over the landscape in the past few decades. See combined architectural styles, oversize garages, mis-matched roof lines, and a variety of window sizes in tasty gingerbread and candy McMansions. The grand prize winner is Casa de McGingerHell by Beth and Tina C, shown above. Like all the entries, it came with a real estate listing.

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Located centrally and literally dominating the entire living room, this McGingerMansion features over twenty handcrafted stained glass windows, a double sized garage, and three hand laid rock face walls! This gingermansion also has not one, but two incredible water features including a delightful frozen waterfall in the spacious backyard. Boasting several pre-decorated pine trees surrounding the property, this festive gingermansion showcases several dozen strands of lights and as well as a handful of charming wreaths.

The one hundred percent genuine pretzel log deck overlooking the backyard is the perfect place to entertain friends and family alike, especially during the holiday season! Standing at just over a foot and a half tall, this truly massive gingermansion has a total composition of just over twenty pans worth of gingerbread. Call now to schedule a tour today; this gingermansion won’t last long! *Disclaimer: As required of us by law, we must disclose the presence of a minor pest infestation in the form of roughly a dozen cute, but possibly rabid penguins on the property.  

See the top three winners from all angles plus five great honorable mentions at McMansion Hell. -via Kottke

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