“Meanwhile, In Canada”: 127 Photos That Perfectly Sum Up Canada (New Pics)

O Canada! Our home and native land! True patriot love in all of us command…

If you’ve never been to Canada, you probably have an idealized image of it in your head. Everyone is friendly and smiling all the time, babies come out of the womb knowing how to play hockey and build snowmen, people will apologize to you after you spill coffee on them, the fountains in city centers flow with maple syrup, and moose run around helping elderly citizens cross the road.

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Well, those stereotypes actually might not be too far from reality. Below, we’ve gathered some of the funniest photos that sum up exactly what it’s like to live in Canada. We hope you enjoy these pics that showcase how kind, cold and considerate Canada is, and please, if you could, upvote the images that just go to show that Canada is a whole other world. Then if you’re interested in even more “meanwhile, in Canada” photos, you can find Bored Panda’s last article on the same topic right here, eh.

#1 Meanwhile, In Canada

#2 Meanwhile In Canada

Image credits: ZhuliQC

#3 Only In Canada Will You Find A Baby Moose Carrying A Pride Flag

Image credits: ClintFalin

Overall, Canada has a sparkling reputation. It is known for being full of the world’s most polite people, as well as some absolutely stunning nature. But it’s a quirky country too. Where else in the world would you find a moose swimming in a pool or cops allowing a dog to pose in their helmet on top of their police motorcycle? Canada is a gem, and we hope you enjoy this list of some of the most adorable and hilarious photos ever captured in that beautiful country.

When it comes to how Canada is perceived around the world, many people had rave reviews of the nation. A few years ago, for Canada Day, journalist Daniel Schwartz published a piece in CBC where he chatted with 15 influential people from around the globe about their thoughts on the maple-loving nation. Irene Salverda, president of the Associations for Canada Studies in the Netherlands, said that many of her Dutch friends refer to Canada as “the European version of America”. “The Dutch are attracted to the down-to-earth Canadian spirit,” Irene shared. “In Amsterdam, many locals will play dumb if an American asks for the way. But state you’re Canadian, and doors will open instantly.”

#4 Canada

Image credits: Pamaj

#5 Montreal Botanical Garden – Canada

Image credits: WholesomeFan150

#6 Got Covid Tested In Canada Today. Testing Centre Was A Hockey Rink, Front Desk A Hockey Net

Image credits: shrimpdood

Lucia Otrisalova from Slovakia echoed Irene’s sentiments that Canada is often compared to the United States but seen in a more positive light. “Canada is still viewed as ‘a better United States’, as a country which enjoys a level of prosperity similar to its neighbor to the south, but doesn’t interfere in matters that don’t concern it,” she shared.

And when it comes to how Americans view Canada, they are no exception to the rule of loving the cold yet kind nation. “Periodic surveys continue to show that Americans like Canadians more than anyone else in the world,” American political scientist Earl Fry shared. “Americans can learn so much from Canada, especially in terms of public schools, health care, federalism, livable cities, relatively low violent crime, and other important areas.”

#7 A&w Released A Lidless Compostable Coffee Cup In Toronto

Image credits: 5avethePlanet

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#8 Cake Dispenser In Toronto

Image credits: BJuneTheLegend

#9 Pic Of Ramen Noodles At -30: Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

Image credits: virginityrocks

Danny Ben-Natan, the president of the Israel Association for Canadian Studies, also had kind words to say about Canada. “From a ‘country to the North of the USA’, Canada developed its own identity in the academic world and hundreds of scholars and many thousands of students began to study and research Canadian society, geography, law, literature and language,” Ben-Natan shared. “Thanks to what was probably the most cost-effective program of the Canadian government through its Understanding Canada program, Canada became of prime interest and importance in the scholarly and academic world.”

#10 Friend Living In Vancouver Sent Me Canada In One Picture

Image credits: L9MK

#11 This Is A Dairy Queen Drive-Through In Canada Where They Social Distance By Using A Debit Machine Zip Tied To A Hockey Stick. You Can’t Make This Up

Image credits: yuppiehick

#12 This Was No Ordinary Guy And No Ordinary Dog

Image credits: alan_regan

Ewa Urbaniak-Rybicka, a professor of Canadian, American and English literature at State University of Applied Sciences in Konin, Poland, also shared her students’ thoughts on Canada. “The image of Canada that my students draw from is that of a postmodern country which, although quite young, has an interesting, as well as rich, history, and which has influenced major historical events in the 20th century,” she shared. “Canada appears to my students also as a gothic entity which has bravely faced its national ghosts that have been haunting it and which has been transforming its national identity accordingly. Still, first and foremost, my students envision Canada as a country of immigrants cherishing its multiethnic, multicultural and multi-religious heritage.”

#13 People Are Awesome – Spotted At Union Station In Toronto, Canada

Image credits: Basically_Bear

#14 Canada’s Minister Of Defence Harjit Sajjan In Line For Groceries Like An Average Dude

Image credits: NineteenEighty9

#15 The Service Dog Bathroom At The Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada Airport

Image credits: Stoon_Slar

When it comes to what makes the beautiful nation of Canada unique, the photos on this list speak for themselves. But we’ll still delve into a few of the most special aspects of the country, including how Canadians consider healthcare to be a fundamental human right. Free healthcare is an extremely appealing part of living in Canada, as the quality of their care is among the best in the world. And aside from visits to doctors offices and hospitals, Canadians are passionate about taking care of their physical and mental health as well. In fact, in 2021, according to the Global Wellness Index, Canada was deemed the best nation on the planet to live in based on indicators that measure global health, wealth and happiness. 

#16 With Everything Going On Involving The US Supreme Court, Here Is Your Friendly Reminder That Our Supreme Court Is Made Up Of Nine Very Qualified Santa Clauses

Image credits: skiier11

#17 There Are Places In Canada That Have Bridges For Animals To Cross Over Busy Roads

Image credits: OhmanIcanteven

#18 Traffic Lights In Prince Edward Island In Canada Are Different Shapes For Colour Blind People

Image credits: danyalm

If you live in Canada, you also know that excellent education is extremely accessible to citizens. Canada spends more money on education than any other country, and it certainly pays off. The nation has many prestigious universities that are famous worldwide, and the population is the most educated in the world, with 51% of adults having a college degree. Canadians are too humble to brag about themselves, so I’ll do it for them: Canada knows how to invest in things that go a long way in improving the quality of its citizens’ lives, like healthcare and education, and there are plenty of other countries that could take note of their successes.

#19 During The Annual Hair Freezing Contest In Canada

Contestants keep themselves warm in the hot springs while letting the cold winter air freeze their wet hair into interesting shapes.

Image credits: cestrumnocturnum

#20 A Copy Of The Bill We Got When Our Daughter Was Born In Canada

Image credits: underbakedchochip

#21 I Don’t Know How People From Other Countries Keep Their Beers Cold, But Here In Canada

Image credits: PatricktheCreator

To survive in Canada, one must get used to the frigid temperatures and extremely high piles of snow, but the beautiful scenery and high quality of life just might make up for it. There are plenty of gorgeous attractions in Canada, including a view of the Aurora Borealis from sites like Yellowknife, breathtaking icebergs that can be seen in Iceberg Alley, and beautiful beaches of Fundy Bay. The country holds quaint small towns, bustling cities, rivers, lakes, mountains, bays, Niagara Falls, and anything else a resident or visitor could ask for. If you ever visit Canada, be sure to bring along your camera, as you won’t want to forget the stunning views.

#22 Welcome To Canada. This Is This Morning

Image credits: WillOfTheLand

#23 A Witch Paddle In Vancouver, British Columbia. With 40 Lovely Witches

Image credits: stackssoncatss

#24 The Holy Trinity

Image credits: take_thing_literally

Canada is also a very international country full of many rich cultures. The nation recognizes dual citizenship, offers ample support to immigrants and has helped many refugees settle into a new home. In fact, the country has an official policy of multiculturalism, meaning that media is available in multiple languages (Italian, Chinese, Portuguese, Arabic, etc.) and immigrants and minorities are encouraged to embrace and represent their own cultures in education and the workforce. Canada is a great example of how to create a peaceful society with cultural diversity, tolerance and safety. It was even the 4th nation in the world to legalize same-sex marriage. With low crime rates and strict gun control policies, Canada is one of the most peaceful and accepting places in the world.   

#25 Light Pillars In Saskatchewan, Canada

Image credits: frostygloss

#26 This Moose In A Pool In Ottawa, Canada

Image credits: tonysunphoto

#27 House On A Little Island In Ontario, Canada

Image credits: GaryCPhoto

Are you suddenly having an intense craving for poutine, maple syrup and Canadian bacon, eh? We hope you’re enjoying this list celebrating the wonderful world of Canada. Please be sure to keep upvoting the photos that make Canada seem like it’s on another, much colder and kinder, planet, and then let us know in the comments what you love most about this beautiful country, whether you live there or you simply wish you did. Then if you’d like to see even more photos of what’s going on in Canada while the rest of the world is dealing with war, crime and impoliteness, check out this Bored Panda article next.

#28 Canada’s New Currency Has Braille On Them For Blind People

Image credits: OnlyDano

#29 Being A Pilot In Northern Canada Has It’s Perks

Image credits: paquette977

#30 When Life Gives You Pileups Make Them Into A Hockey Game

Image credits: CBC

#31 Walked Right Up To Us. BC, Canada

Image credits: txdx21

#32 My Best Mate Is In The British Army And Has Just Finished A 9-Month Tour Of Duty In Alberta. He’s Just Sent Me This

Image credits: IkeyTom21

#33 You Can See Mount Rainier From Canada, But Because Of The Earth’s Curvature You Can Only See The Tip

Image credits: mywildcoast

#34 I Had A Super Canadian Moment Yesterday. Geese Using The Crosswalk. We All Stopped To Let Them Cross

Image credits: kguenett

#35 This Is Where I’d Spend My Money (Seen In Ontario, Canada)

Image credits: shootsmcgroot

#36 We Are Optimistic Here In Canada

Image credits: _connormcc

#37 No Name Is The Gem Of Canada. Every Product Is So Unbelievably Ominous I Really Laugh My A** Off Every Time I Go Shopping

Image credits: jnkyd

#38 Finally Got Their Car Out. Now Just Run The Wipers And Get That Bit Of Snow Off The Windshield

Image credits: HasanHaiNL

#39 I Made Two Feet Of Snow Standing On A Lake In Northern Ontario. An Hour Later, 5 Deers Walked Over And Gave Them A Sniff

Image credits: mattdjmorris

#40 This Store In Canada Had Store-Wide Discounts That Changed Based On The Temperature Outside That Day

Image credits: InFatesHands

#41 They Sell Maple Coke In Canada

Image credits: maja_la_bruja

#42 Church In Canada During Olympic Gold Game

Image credits: Jonnynewbreed

#43 World’s Largest Snow Maze. Manitoba, Canada

Image credits: onefanpornstar

#44 This Canada 1oz Silver Coin Has Bigfoot On It

Image credits: karmanopoly

#45 In Canada, The Transit Apologizes For Being Full

Image credits: irrelevantnonsequitr

#46 I Got Up In A Helicopter Today Over Lac-Blanc In Quebec. The Fall Colors Were Truly Something Else

Image credits: fairlywittyusername

#47 This Church In Wawa, Ontario, Canada Has Solar Panels In The Shape Of The Cross

Image credits: alexandrajordyn

#48 Starlink Works Great Until The Cats Find Out That The Dish Gives Off A Little Heat On Cold Days

Image credits: Tippen22

#49 How To Spot The Canadians On Campus

Image credits: starships_lazerguns

#50 Oh Canada

Image credits: ThunderGunExpress-

#51 I Live In Austria. Ordered Something From Canada. They Made Sure It Doesn’t Get Mixed Up

Image credits: Rh_S0ulzz

#52 Graffiti In Canada

Image credits: bollister

#53 Welcome To Canada

Image credits: imgur.com

#54 Justin Trudeau Jogs Through Prom Photo And Nobody Notices

Image credits: Artvandelay1

#55 So It Was A Bit Windy In Nova Scotia Last Night

Image credits: oldscotch

#56 The Bank Of Canada Are Asking Citizens To Stop “Spockifying” The 5$ Bills As A Tribute

Image credits: flacid_pianist

#57 Like Walking On Another Planet. Mesmerized By The Beauty Of The Tidal Pools At Botanical Beach

Image credits: tomparkr

#58 The Longest Undefended Border In The World. On The Left Is Canada And Right, The USA

Image credits: cavemanleong

#59 Silly Walks Are Encouraged In Ottawa

Image credits: Bigfoot983

#60 Canada’s New Vertical Money

Image credits: vault114

#61 In Canada, Cars From The Northwest Territories Have A Polar Bear Shaped License Plates

Image credits: LemonLoaf8

#62 In My Part Of Canada We Have A Winter Festival In February Called The Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous

My friend is entering her Chihuahua in the dog outfit contest. He is wearing a handmade/beaded First Nation dog blanket.

Image credits: Filet_minyon

#63 This Guy In Canada Has A Whole Facebook Page Where He Posts Videos And Pictures He Takes Of Beavers In His City Everyday

“A cool shot of Mr. Beaver taken from water level, with the Jim Pattinson Children’s Hospital in the background across the river.”

Image credits: Mike’s photos and videos of beavers

#64 Welcome To Canada, Folks

Image credits: LadyJane17

#65 Meanwhile, In Canada, The Election Campaigns Are In Full Swing

Image credits: TryharderJB

#66 A -25c Walk With Frozen Eyelashes. Alberta, Canada

Image credits: Carolyn Howe

#67 A Winterized Porta Potty In Canada

Image credits: gmcl86

#68 Northern Lights Over My Small Town In Saskatchewan, Canada

Image credits: wuskis

#69 TIL A Grocery Store In Canada Was Left Unlocked And Unattended On A National Holiday

The only thing taken was cherry tomatoes, for which a person left $5 at the checkout. The person actually overpaid.

Image credits: kingstonist.com

#70 Follow Canada’s Lead

Image credits: RexChapman

#71 “There Used To Be Berries Here…” -Last Night In Whistler

Image credits: hellofromspace

#72 Got A Small Iced Coffee From Tim Hortons In Canada, Then Crossed Into The Us And Placed The Same Order

Image credits: AcerRubrum

#73 Aw Frick Boys, I Spilt My Coffee

Image credits: PinicchioDelTaco

#74 The Colors At Algonquin This Weekend Were Amazing

Image credits: cadsii

#75 When Canadians Fight On Twitter

Image credits: BreakingGarrick

#76 Mildly Claustrophobic This Morning

Image credits: Davidcfmo

#77 Officer Escorting Ducks Off A Bridge In Vancouver. We Waited For 15 Minutes. If This Is The Cost Of Being Late, So Be It

Image credits: IronhideD

#78 Town Names In Western Canada

Image credits: Seawaysider

#79 Canada Post Location In Vancouver Has A Fitting Room. “Try It On Here. Is Your Online Purchase Right For You? If Not, We Can Help You Return It”

Image credits: ntrsfrml

#80 After Showing Off Their Modelling Skills, A Gang Of Bull Elks Decided To Bolt Off The Frozen Tundra, In Search Of Some Greener Pastures. Montebello, Quebec

Image credits: alftown

#81 The Police In Prince Edward Island Were On The Lookout Yesterday

Image credits: MaritimeRedditor

#82 In Canada, Hockey’s More Important Than Classes

Image credits: Stolengoose

#83 Last Week I Drove On An Ice Road In Northern Canada

Image credits: art_only

#84 This Sculpture At The USA/Canada Border

Image credits: Torotiberius

#85 In Canada, It’s “Squeeze” Instead Of “Merge”

Image credits: sharkp00p

#86 Moose Were Using My Car As A Salt Lick (Canada)

Image credits: Jdubya87

#87 I Was In The Reindeer Bus

Image credits: zangolatte

#88 How Very Canadian

Image credits: BriMor

#89 When Canada Meets Coronavirus

Image credits: penapox

#90 Impressive Size Hail

Image credits: OPDOfcBossman

#91 A Moose Broke Through A Window And Entered A School In Saskatoon Today

Image credits: originalwfm

#92 Things That Only Happen In Canada: Saying “Have A Good Night” To The People Who Robbed You

Image credits: powerninja007

#93 Snowfall On Prince Edward Island, Canada

Image credits: KingWillTheConqueror

#94 Excuse Me, Sorry

Image credits: macceroni25

#95 Do Not Underestimate Our Hero

Image credits: ViCXT0RiA

#96 October Cranberry Harvest Near Vancouver, Canada. Every Year, Farmers Harvest Cranberries By Filling Them With Water. Since The Berry Contains Air Bubbles, It Pops Up

Image credits: hobopeeba

#97 Sign Post Forest. Watson Lake, YT, Canada. More Than 80000 Signs

Image credits: imgeo

#98 This Social Distancing Sign In Canada Measures With Loons

Image credits: 4ries

#99 What Living On The 6th Floor Is Like In Canada

Image credits: 1nshed

#100 Your Eyes Are Not Deceiving You. This Is A Lamborghini On Memorial Drive With Two Christmas Trees Strapped To The Roof. Only In Calgary, Canada

Image credits: KellyHrudey

#101 Someone Get The Spray Bottle

Image credits: sophiaphotos

#102 Good Morning Vancouver

Image credits: xFFFF0000

#103 West Coast Sunsets

Image credits: altered__ego

#104 En Route To Guelph, We Drove By An Accident With Unusually Happy “Victims”

Upon closer inspection we noticed that the officer walking away was handing out Christmas cookies to everyone involved. Arguably the most Canadian act I’ve witnessed first hand. Warmed my heart. Merry Christmas everyone.

Image credits: heatherledge

#105 A Picture Of St. John’s, Nl, After The Snowstorm

Image credits: steeemo

#106 Canadian Emergency

Image credits: t3k

#107 It’s Time

Image credits: stats_canada

#108 Zero Avenue In Surrey, BC, Canada. The Houses In The Right Are In Canada, The Houses On The Left Are In The United States

Image credits: hrryyss

#109 In Canada, We Have “Disenchantment Stakes” To Keep Geese Away From Busy Areas

Image credits: havingoey

#110 Cannabis Disposal Station At An Airport In Canada

Image credits: thewhiteponyproject

#111 The Most Canadian Shot I’ve Ever Taken

Image credits: ottguy42

#112 Toys R Us (Which Still Exists In Canada) Has Child-Friendly Social Distancing Line Markers

Image credits: Book_1love

#113 The New Tim Hortons Barbie

Image credits: GreenAbsinthefairy

#114 Hey Canada, Thank You! This Was In The Hallway Of New York Center (ZNY) Today

Canadian air traffic controllers bought dinner for FAA air traffic controllers last night (all over the country) in an effort to show their support during the US government shutdown.

Image credits: PlatinumAero

#115 So Apparently In Canada We Are Apologizing For Soap Now

Image credits: big_possum_boss

#116 Crime Is Getting Out Of Control In Canada

Image credits: editthis7

#117 Only In Canada

Image credits: mikey2k

#118 Canadian Buses

Image credits: Pwesto-

#119 Fyi For Those Who Didn’t Get The Alert

Image credits: devdevo1919

#120 In Canada We’re So Nice, They Have To Remind Us That Holding The Door Open For Someone Isn’t Always A Good Idea

Image credits: KooolKay

#121 I Found A Car In Toronto Overgrown With Plants, On A Busy Street, Parked Beside Other Cars

Image credits: SmoothBrein

#122 CN Tower Engulfed In Fog, Toronto

Image credits: GaryCPhoto

#123 This Is How We Measure 2 Metres Apart In Canada

Image credits: L-epinephrine

#124 In Canada We Don’t Rely On Roosters

Image credits: stchpka

#125 Pure Gold From The Hockey Canada Social Media Account

Image credits: gocanadiens

#126 Unprecedented Blizzards In Canada

Image credits: SpongeGuru

#127 The Confederation Bridge In Canada Cuts Ice Like French Fries

Image credits: billerz15

#128 Toys R Us (Which Still Exists In Canada) Has Child-Friendly Social Distancing Line Markers

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