Meditation Makes Your Brain Faster, Says Study

Meditation is a great activity for clearing up the mind, which helps oneself to focus on what is necessary. Those who practice it claim that it helps their brains. Scientifically speaking, however, the effects of meditation have been very difficult to prove. A new study from Binghamton University’s Thomas J. Watson College of Engineering and Applied Science just filled this knowledge gap recently, and they found out that meditation does, indeed, benefit the brain.

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The results, recently published in the journal Scientific Reports, show that meditation training led to faster switching between the brain’s two general states of consciousness.

One is called the default mode network, which is active when the brain is at wakeful rest and not focused on the outside world, such as during daydreaming and mind-wandering. The other is the dorsal attention network, which engages for attention-demanding tasks.

Learn more about this exciting research over at EurekAlert.

(Image Credit: Silentpilot/ Pixabay)

Source: neatorama

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